Nintendo Wii U: Two Devices in one Console?

nintendo wii u

We are still talking about gaming consoles, this time it will about the well-known Nintendo 3 DS transforming into a Wii U . The rumors about the future of Sony PlayStation4 published this morning had been echoing the words of Reggie Fils-Aime, the president of Nintendo of America, who, during an interview with Forbes, has been engaged in a long conversation regarding future products of the company.

First of all to be the subject of requests Wii is one of the leading products of the Japanese company’s entertainment division with the DS and that some will now begin on Sunset Boulevard following the release of its replacement, expected in the medium term.

The new creation of the company, also known for some of its characters, known as the arch-Super, will be Wii U, a handheld console, according to the usual rumors, streaming to operate between the central unit and the remote controller, which should also have an LCD display.

In this way will be shown that, the possibility of Nintendo realizing a single product line will be forwarded, which including the second generation Wii and simultaneously do its controller a portable entertainment device so as it is now the DS.

What about the old model? As more and more often are going on initially it will be available in both devices; with the new one that will be offered at full price and the other most likely sold at a reduced price.

In a second step, then it is likely to run out of inventory, Wii 1 will be retired, leaving the field open to the latest arrival, the release of which should take place prior to April 1. Will it be mistaken move like the one of the Wii mini? Wait for a couple of months and you will know!