Moving to Cloud Offers a Plethora of Benefits – A Look

Even in 2012, upgrading to Cloud would have sounded quite a herculean task for most organizations in most industries. In a span of five years, however, the industry of Cloud Computing has become accessible for the basic population. What’s more, we have been witnessing many organizations that have turned their way of computing to Cloud, from the traditional system. If implemented and used in the proper manner, Cloud puts in the path a few notable benefits for every digital service provider. The use of apps like Office 365 and basis on shared environment are just some of the benefits.

For a service provider that requires data security and worldwide accessibility, Cloud Computing can offer an environment that is safer than on premise. Even during disasters, data recovery rates are quick and easy and almost all the cloud service providers are offering the service for free. This, when read along with the benefits of extra data security and lower maintenance options, make Cloud the best upgrade ever. With 28% shorter downtimes and 26% better speed, your web app will get a rocket boost with the Cloud upgrade.

Below is an impressive infographic by UK IT Support company TSG, where you’d understand why you should upgrade to Cloud environment, probably before 2019, when 90% of entire web traffic is expected to be using cloud resources.