Movies on Demand

The shackles in an on demand chain constantly grow in number. The newest addition to it might come in a form of movies.

The recent business move of Dov Simens and Derek Christopher – Movie Cloud – is a response to Hollywood’s inviolable position in the movie industry. In Hollywood, out of 50,000 movies created every year only 200 get actually filmed and promoted. The decision on the movies that will get filmed lies upon a restricted circle of the most influential people in Holywood.

The idea behind Movie Cloud is to create equal opportunities for the rejected movies to get seen. According to its founders, Movie Cloud is a matter of principles – a revolution. They even refused some seven-figure offers because they wanted the service to remain as it was.

So what is Movie Cloud? It is a cloud service that gathers the people from the movie industry – writers, cameramen, directors, actors – who couldn’t get the opportunity to be noticed or published in contemporary conditions of Hollywood monopoly. What Movie Cloud offers to them is the cloud software instead of a brick and mortar office and a community where people could promote and sell their scripts or find contractors and collaborates.

All these people have a lot to offer to the audience worldwide but are unable to do so until they get the necessary funds. Movie Cloud is supposed to make their lives much easier by providing means for them to realize their ideas. By this, both the industry stuff and the audience get better opportunities to make choices.

Movie Cloud consists of 3 major components and 15 subcomponents:

1.       Movie Studio – millions of virtual offices and theaters for movie production

2.       Movie Bank – amount of money that will allow funding a production

3.       Movie Theater – 50,000 independent movies per year

After the movie is released there are many ways to promote and distribute it worldwide. Any movie made in the cloud could find an audience because most of the film lovers are fed up with Hollywood blockbusters that revolve around special effects and settings instead of quality content.

If the Movie Cloud idea gets widely accepted it will undoubtedly have an important impact onto the movie industry as we know it. With so many movies available on demand users could choose to watch something that is not made for profit only. Big Hollywood blockbusters might lose their influence. On the other hand, the standards that determine what it takes to make a movie will probably be lowered and such movies would make sense as long as the audience is eager to watch them.

The truth is that the idea is different and promises a completely new movie experience. If wider audience accepts Movie Cloud than the future of movie industry is questionable.