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Block Violent Content through Android Mobile Tracker: Monitor Kids Online Activity with TiSPY

Block Violent Content through Android Mobile Tracker: Monitor Kids Online Activity with TiSPY

Gaming has always been popular among kids and youngsters. It is a way to distract you from the monotonous routine and refresh their minds. Daily new games launch in the market for both mobile and PC platforms. Online gaming culture is continuously increasing in society. Earlier, kids do not used to have access to mobile phones at a young age but nowadays every kid has a mobile phone and that has caused the increase in kids online activity. Now, the problem arising from online gaming is that kids can get easily addicted to it as they are with their mobile phones throughout the day. Gaming addiction is very harmful because there can be violent content in games that can affect the mental state of a child.

PUBG mobile and Call of Duty (COD) are very popular games among kids. Kids are getting addicted to these games without even realizing the harmful effect of it on their health. These are shooter games that have a lot of violent content in it. Addiction of these games can have adverse effects on the brain.

Apart from gaming, there is a lot of violent content that kids see throughout the day knowingly or unknowingly. Kids get exposed to violent content from the movies and surfing the internet continuously. It is difficult for parents to continuously keep a watch on their kids. This is the reason kids get addicted to it and become the victim of violent content, which eventually affects their physical and mental health.

Extreme violence can have a negative and harmful effect on the minds of kids and young people, as they grow they might be less sensitive to pain and suffering. It is likely that this will affect their behavior and make them aggressive towards others. Exposure to violence can lead to deprexssion, helplessness, and extensive stress. All these things will also affect their social life as they would prefer to stay alone rather than socializing with other people. These effects can be long lasting and could lead to poor mental health. Hence, it is important for parents to make sure that their child is safe and not addicted to gaming or watching violent content on the internet. 

Why should parents monitor kids’ online activity?

Kids spend most of their time of the day on mobile phones or on computers. However, it is not safe as there are various harmful threats that can be dangerous for kids. Apart from being a source of knowledge, there are numerous dangers on the internet. They need to be careful from different threats like cyber bullying, cyber predators, phishing, scams, etc. Kids might even get in touch with some people on the internet that can have a bad influence on them. In order to protect children from all the threats, it is important for parents to monitor kids’ online activity. Because it is difficult for kids to share all these issues with their parents. Sometimes, parents won’t even realize that their kid is going through some problems or difficulties. Hence, as a parent you must keep a close eye on them and should try to connect with them as a friend. 

How does android monitoring help?

It is difficult for parents to stay connected with the kids in recent times because normally they don’t spend enough time together. It is completely normal as kids are busy with their school and other work and parents are also working. Smartphones are the only way for parents to connect with their kids whenever they want to. With just one call parents can know about their whereabouts and what they are doing. It is difficult for parents to know what their kid is doing on the internet and on social media. For that purpose an android monitoring tool TiSPY could help. TiSPY helps parents to know that their kid is safe from the threats posed by the internet.

Tispy is one such android tracking tool that makes the job of parents much easier. With the help of Tispy parental control app parents can know all the details regarding kids’ online activity. If parents cannot reach out to their kids and they do not know regarding their whereabouts then in such cases Tispy monitoring app can be very helpful as parents can know the exact location with the help of it. Tispy has numerous features that help in tracking the social media accounts, messages, phone calls, location, etc. So if parents find anything suspicious or if they think their kid is in danger then they can easily protect them.

Features of android mobile tracker

Tispy – Android mobile tracker has a variety of features. You can manage calls, text messages and multimedia files. Even if the information is deleted by the kids on their mobile phones, parents can still access that from their registered email address. Parents can know the exact location of the kids even if regular GPS is not available. You can check all the places that are visited and also the route history over a specific period of time. There is also the option of marking ‘safe’ and ‘unsafe’ areas. So whenever the target device will leave the safe area parents will get an alert message. Parents can supervise all the social media accounts like WhatsApp, Facebook, Hike, Hangouts, etc. and see what their kids are texting about. This helps in protecting kids from cyberbullying and cyber predators. 

Android mobile tracker also has the feature to know the websites and their specific URLs. Parents can see the exact time and date stamps for each website along with the number of times a specific website has been visited. There are various other features that android cell phone tracker offers by which you can protect your kids and keep them safe.


The demand for android monitoring software is continuously increasing. The reason behind this increased demand is the harmful and dangerous threats of the internet. Parents are worried about the safety of their kids. There are lots of different parental control apps available in the market. Tispy is considered as one of the best mobile tracking software because of the numerous features that it offers. The variety of features that Tispy offers makes it easier for parents to track the kids’ online activity and keep them safe.