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Mobile Point of Sale: A Hot Trend in Payment Processing

Retailers are scrambling to get into the mobile payments game, the hottest trend going in consumer payment options. Handheld credit card sliders, iPad-based cash registers and tablet point of sale processors are taking the retail industry by storm, with merchants from cafes to book sellers welcoming the new technology.

Why Mobile Point of Sale is Different

There was a time when only a select few merchants accepted credit cards. Offering this convenience to your customers often meant incurring high processing fees and profit-shrinking transaction fees.

There was also a high cost to getting the accounts set up, and renting or purchasing point of sale card readers was often cost prohibitive. Now, thanks to companies like posabit, consumer demands can be fulfilled with a quick, convenient and secure purchasing experience and in today’s digitally advanced environment a seamless and inclusive service is expected. Globally, mobile point-of-sale devices are expected to grow exponentially and it is easy to see why with its numerous benefits for both merchants and consumers. To support the future acceleration of mPOS flexible payment channel a trusted and secure payment infrastructure needs to be implemented to protect cardholder data including a consumers PIN. Now, merchants can enjoy low set up costs and transaction fees. They can also offer their customers a never-before used feature–the ability to take payments anywhere.

Who Uses Mobile Point of Sale Technology

Anyone with a smartphone or a tablet can take payments. That’s great news for flea market vendors, food truck merchants and workshop presenters. Trade show exhibitors love the convenience of taking orders on the spot without having to pay additional fees to the venue. No longer do traveling vendors have to lug around heavy cash registers. With mobile point of sale processing, accepting payments has never been easier.

Mobile payment processing can save time and help capture revenue. On any given day, the Chipotle restaurant on 34th St. in Manhattan has a line snaking out the door during lunch rush. The long wait meant people often got frustrated and gave up, seeking neighboring restaurants with shorter wait times. Management wised up, providing their staff with tablets equipped with mobile point of sale processing.

The staff now works their way to the end of line, taking orders and accepting payments. By the time the customer reaches the front of the line, his order is ready and waiting.

Mobile payment processing is exploding in growth and showing no signs of slowing. Everyone is getting in on it, from tiny boutiques to major retailers. Made popular by the Apple store, iPad cash registers take the sleek styling of a tablet and turn into into a money making machine. Easy to use software makes it possible for you to track inventory and capture customer data. Integrate your mobile point of sale system with your accounting system and enjoy streamlined financial reporting that will boost sales.

Why Use an iPad POS System for Your Business?

There are many great reasons to use an mobile point of sale system for your business. Their sleek styling enhances your company’s image, giving the impression of a hip, smart and savvy business.

Its portability makes it ideal for traveling vendors, farmer’s markets and mobile food carts. If you are hosting a presentation, have your staff work the room collecting book orders with ease. Cut back on staffing costs by having one staff person work both the floor and the cash register. With a mobile point of sale system, you will never again be tied to one spot in your store.