Microsoft to Launch Windows 10 for Phones in September

Software giant Microsoft has previously announced that it will release the desktop version of its latest operating system, Windows 10, on June 29th this year. I say “desktop version” because this is the first time an operating system will work on all hardware platforms – desktop, mobile, console and even the Internet of Things. For the mobile version of Windows 10 we will have to wait a bit longer, though – according to the latest rumors, the new version of Microsoft’s mobile operating system, which will run all apps from office to  online gambling at royal vegas casino, as Universal ones, will be released this September.


Microsoft has not yet released a timeline about the release of the Windows 10 for Phones. To be honest, I don’t even blame them. Microsoft’s position on the mobile operating system is shaky at best – It is eclipsed by its main competitors, Android and iOS. With a share below 3% on the global smartphone operating system market it has to offer its users something big, something that works perfectly from day one. It also has to improve a lot on the public opinion regarding its handsets. Not that the phones themselves would be bad – not at all. The flagship handsets Microsoft has released until now under the Lumia brand are on par with their Android and iOS powered counterparts. The previous flagship phone they released, last year’s Lumia 930, has competed as equals with that time’s iPhone and the Android flagships as well, especially when it comes to its camera. The next one, Lumia 1030, is rumored to have a 50 MP (8,160 x 6,120 pixels) sensor, Carl Zeiss optics, optical image stabilization, auto and manual focus, dual-LED flash and the capability to record video at a 2160p resolution at 30 frames per second. Beat that, competition!


Microsoft also plans to cram a lot of new software solutions into its Windows 10 for Phones. Cortana, for one, is planned to be a completely new generation of a digital personal assistant. Cortana will be able to make calls, send texts that you dictate, remind you of your appointments, check the weather and even tell you jokes. The other great new feature which will make Windows 10 for Phones an attractive gadget for business is Continuum, which will be able to turn a phone into a desktop PC by attaching it to a display.

The rumors regarding the September / October release of Windows 10 for Phones is a bit shaky, and nothing was officially confirmed (or denied) by Microsoft itself. But the timeline seems plausible, considering that it will coincide with the release of the next Lumia flagship just in time to make it on people’s Christmas shopping lists.