Macbook Pro 2016 Vs Microsoft Surface Pro 5

Microsoft has lately been making many radical changes to their Surface Pro lineup that this year we are finally expecting the upcoming Microsoft Surface Pro 5 to be a tough competitor to the Macbook Pro 2016 which is expected to be announced at the annual Apple developer conference, WWDC 2016 happening in June.

So far what all do we know about both the Apple Macbook Pro 2016 and the Microsoft Surface Pro 5, and are both these devices really going to compete with each other as we anticipate? That’s what we are going to find out today.

Both the Macbook Pro and the Surface Pro 5 can be termed as the flagship laptop models of Apple and Microsoft respectively, and fans of both these brands have some equally great expectations from both these laptops as well.


Talking about the Apple Macbook Pro 2016, the laptop is expected to shift the processor architecture from Intel Broadwell based chipset to Intel Skylark based chipset. Rumors also suggest that the latest upcoming Macbook Pro should feature Samsung’s latest 8 GB DDR4 RAM based on the latest 10 nm architecture, which when combined with a newer processor will increase the performance and efficiency of the Macbook Pro significantly. Other improvements for the Macbook Pro 2016 is expected to come in terms of a thinner design, more intuitive software experience and also the upcoming latest Mac OS X operating system version.

The pricing for the upcoming Macbook Pro 2016 can start from anywhere around the $1300 price range and can shoot upwards.


Coming to the Microsoft Surface Pro 5, major improvements will be incoming in terms of display and battery life. The display of the Surface Pro 5 is expected to be 4K resolution, beating the 2736 x 1824 pixel resolution of the current gen Microsoft Surface Pro 4.

Apart from the display, battery life should also be impressing in the upcoming Microsoft Surface Pro 5 where one can expect a minimum battery backup of about 7 hours with the upgraded internals and the super resolution display.


Other improvements for the Surface Pro 5 is expected to happen in terms of a rechargeable stylus for the laptop. Microsoft has already filed a patent for the technology, and the so called Stylus will feature a power button along with a built in rechargeable battery and indicator LED light. To keep the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 competitive with the Macbook Pro 2016 in the market, the pricing of the Surface Pro 5 will begin within $1000, still less than the Macbook. Still we suggest people to sell laptop and go for Surface Pro 5 which will come soon.