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What to Look for While Purchasing an IP Camera?

IP Camera

IP security cameras are reckoned as the most popular security cameras of today’s newfangled era. Given their enormous benefits, these security cameras belie their heavy price positively. Nevertheless, if you’re willing to purchase an IP camera, you require to know a few things right away. This would ensure right decision with added benefits in the long run.

Why do you require an IP camera?

Internet Protocol camera is better than traditional CCTV cameras by huge margin. An IP camera does not require any wiring. This is because of the usage of data transmission, such as WI-FI and Wireless LAN. Therefore, you can circumvent all the wiring and utilize your camera in a hassle-free manner.

An IP camera comes with a built-in processor that jettisonsthe requirement of a DVR (Digital Video Recorder). Thus, you can simply utilize your existing Internet connection to view and record events.

Why you need an IP Camera

Furthermore,you can setup as many IP cameras as you require. Just ensure to use the cameras in line with your bandwidth. In case your bandwidth doesn’t conjure the utility of multiple IP cameras, you can upgrade your Internet connection.

You get optimum video resolution with IP cameras. These cameras use pixels instead of TV lines that are used in digital cameras. Pixels render more picture details as compared to TV lines. Thus, you obtain top-notch video quality with utmost clarity.

IP cameras provide great ease of access. Since, you can access and administer live images from anywhere using any standard Web browser on your PC. You can also record your images on a hard disk, which ensures no image-degradation whatsoever.

In addition, there is an added benefit of cabling. A standard UTP (unshielded twisted pair) cable can process images from copious network cameras simultaneously. This high-end cable typically costs 30-40% less than standard coaxial cables.

what to look for before buying IP Camera

5 things to look for while purchasing the best IP security camera

Are you looking to purchase the best IP security camera for your home? We recommend you look for following 5 things before making a decision on your purchase.

1. Required resolution: Ensure to get the required resolution. Don’t go for the megapixel resolution if you already have a decent lens or you want to view an objectively focused scene.

2. Alert notification and motion detection: Ensure to get a wireless motion-activated IP security camera supported with email alert notification. This eradicates the necessity of monitoring your home-security system for numerous hours daily. Even better if your IP camera captures and sendsdetected movements to your mobile controlling device. It is also important to connect an alarm system to prevent any intrusion in your premise.

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3. POE (power over Ethernet): Get a POE injector, if you’re installing a new IP camera. Those replacing their analog cameras with IP cameras, already have power running onto the camera’s location.

4. Check HD and SD: It is essential to check the authenticity when it comes to the clarity of the camera. Bring the camera to the actual installation environment and try a few images. You can also request for short demos from the manufacturer.

5. Validate security: Go for the IP camera that operates at high frequency for preventing congestion with other wireless devices. Furthermore, ensure the camera has encryption capabilities, so that images get intercepted during broadcast. Also, the camera should have features of password protection and firewall protection.

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Which are the best IP cameras?

To get the best IP camera experience, FrontPoint Security, Protect America, SafeMart, and ADT are a few of the best ones. Other high-end IP cameras include the ones from Pinnacle Security, Protection 1, and Vivint.


There are other overt distinguishable factors that could guide you while purchasing an IP security camera. Nonetheless, we tried to list down the most crucial of them. Still, we would like you to add to our list. What factors are important according to you? Let us know right away.