Lanmodo Vast Pro Night Vision System Integrated With Dash Camera

Lanmodo Vast Pro Night Vision System Integrated With Dash Camera

To enhance driving safety measures and help drivers get an idea of the road condition in advance, the Lanmodo Vast Pro night vision system can be a wise pick. It is installed with an advanced front and rear camera facility to know the road ahead better irrespective of the weather you are driving in. It is equipped with top-notch features and the latest technicalities, making it a compact device to scan the front and rear road while driving. With excellent storage capacity and camera capturing facility, it is one of the best launched shortly. 

As the product’s name goes, the Lanmodo Vast Pro night vision system will be packed with slightly advanced and integrated features and functionalities than its predecessor. After lots of effort, the brand is coming up with some out-of-the-box innovation, making it easy for the drivers to keep track of road conditions. 

The drastic change in technology calls for massive technological advancement in car manufacturing. This is evident from the Lanmodo Vast Pro night vision system’s launch integrated with a dash camera. Among the latest safety gadgets that drivers look forward to installing in the car, the above said one and its previous version is a suitable one to try. To get a feature-packed one that helps overcome safety hacks when driving during heavy rains, amidst foggy mornings and the like situations. 

Before making an investment to install the latest technology devices in your vehicle, let us take a glance at the features that contribute to offering an enhanced and safe driving experience.   

Features of Lanmodo Vast Pro night vision system 

  • Installation of 1080P for vivid color 

The latest Lanmodo Vast Pro night vision system has a dual-camera setup of 1080P coupled with low light technique. It is easy for drivers to get a clear vision of the road ahead even at night. The back and front camera’s simultaneous functioning is exciting and gives a good resolution image on the IPS screen. Therefore, drivers can get a real-time feel through the use of these high-end cameras.  

  • Flexible angling for better vision 

It offers a flexible 45-degree view, which is broad enough for the driver’s eyes. It also catches up to 984 feet of vision during night better than headlights informing of the road head. Thus, the driver gets time to decide before the accident occurs. 

  • Better recording facility 

Better recording facility helps to know about the road’s situation ahead of time and take safety measures. The dual camera supports the recording and it supports up to 128G with as better as 1080P resolution. In case its storage is full, new ones overwrite the old files. Adding to this, a G-sensor is installed with a locking system due to which the locked videos cannot be overwritten or replaced.  

  • Dash camera installed with parking mode

Installed with ODB power, it helps in better monitoring to avoid problems like draining out of battery. When the car is parked, the dash camera starts to record as it detects G-sensor’s functioning. The advanced technology helps in the clear image, capturing irrespective of the day’s time and the weather conditions.  

You can also watch this video below to get an overview of the Lanmodo Vast Pro night vision system.

Comparison between Lanmodo Vast Pro and Lanmodo Vast 

On a comparison note between Lanmodo vast Pro and its predecessor, both have the same camera resolution. However, the old version has a less resolution of 720P in its rear camera. The angle flexibility has been advanced from 36 degrees to 45 degrees to the new version. Some features are available in the latest version, unlike its predecessors like G-sensor technology, camera functioning in the parking mode, and the camera’s recording capability. 

Comparison Items Lanmodo Vast Pro Lanmodo Vast
Front camera image resolution  1080P 1080P
Rear view camera image resolution  1080P 720P
Angel of view 45° 36°
Function of recording Yes No
Parking mode Yes No
G-sensor Yes No
Price $199( if you become a Golden Member ) $499

Is it worth investing in the Lanmodo Vast Pro night vision system?

If you are wondering about the latest version’s price, make it easy on your pockets by availing of Golden Member promotion benefits. The interested one needs to opt for it before the end of the promotional offer. To get it, one should stay updated through the website of Indiegogo. The product will be released at $619 of the retail price. However, after membership promotion adjustment, one can get it for $199. The product launch is waiting in October. So, to maintain the utmost safety when driving vehicles, subscribe under golden membership offers and get the latest version of the Lanmodo Vast Pro at a pocket-friendly rate.