Keeping your files safe and acessible

Data storage software is a dedicated type of application used in storage management. It ranges from software which handles data storage in storage networks e.g. NAS or SAN as well as smaller infrastructures, even without the presence of networks, e.g. direct attached storage (DAS). Another type of storage software can be adopted for use in both storage networks, i.e. a combined SAN NAS hybrid, which allows for block as well as file level access to data. Finally, there is also a branch of software solutions used for cloud storage and virtualized devices.
Storage solutions are not limited to one option. Nowadays, if you want to build a reliable and highly available storage system, you or your company do not have to invest huge amounts of money to purchase costly hardware. And spend even more money on such a storage system or data center which is expensive to maintain. All you goals can be achieved by storage software selected carefully.

One of indisputable advantages of storage software products is that the installation and configuration of most applications takes usually only few minutes. Sometimes, the data storage software is pre-configured for immediate use. It consists of several applications, including performance monitoring, file systems, volume management, virtualization software, file, audio, mail and surveillance managers. Its characteristic feature is that it nodes don’t serve for storage of system files but data.
As far as storage software techniques are concerned, one of them called Hierarchical Storage Management or Tiered Storage requires mentioning. It automatically moves data between more and less expensive storage devices. This technique, practically applied into a storage system reduces storage costs of data which does not need to be accessed all the time, but rather safely stored for a long time.
Many systems, even if they have dedicated storage hardware at their disposal, also use software which allows them to virtualize resources in the network. Using virtualized storage devices for primary data storage or backups is a safe way to protect your files. That is why a professional data storage software which offers this possibility is the essential part of the system.