Keep the Costs Down: How To Improve The Communication And Efficiency Within Your Business

An efficient business is a business whose costs are at the lowest possible level without sacrificing quality. However, an important factor in business efficiency is business communication. Effective communications between managers and employees, between the business and the clients, and between the officers and the business owners, ensure that the company is running as smoothly possible. Efficient communication, on the other hand deals with the ease at which communication is performed. Here are the finer points of the effective and efficient communications:

Efficient communication

Efficiency deals with time. For a communication to be efficient, it has to take the least amount of time to reach the receiver of the communication. It is time limited. It deals with brevity—the smallest amount of words to get the message across. With the advent of electronic messaging, communication has become most efficient. Electronic document delivery is primarily done through electronic mail or e-mail, or through cloud storage. Other modes of delivery include text messaging, online messaging, and conferencing.

However, the dangers of efficient communication lie in whether clarity is sacrificed for brevity. Due to the minimal amount of words used, there may be more questions left than answers. There is more room for confusion and the response can be either positive or negative due to the lack of explanation.

Effective communication

For communication to be effective, it need not be efficient. Effectiveness deals with whether the receiver of the communication understands the message. Effective communication considers the two parties in the conversation—the sender and the receiver. It has to be a two-way conversation, with bother parties alternating between sender and receiver, or speaker and listener, of each other.


Effective communication is highly important in the business, particularly in a business that deals with sales. There has to be effective communication between the business and the market or the customers. The business needs to know what the customers want or need to effectively answer that need. On the other hand, the customers have to be able to know the quality of the product, as well as the terms and conditions of the sale. The customers also have to be able to know that any concerns they may have over the products they purchased, will be answered effectively and efficiently.

In the internal business setting, there has to be effective communication between the business leaders and the employees, the managers and the employees working under them, and between the employees. The owners need to be able to impart the business’ ideals, its vision and plans to the managerial staff or the company officers, so they can effectively align their actions therewith. The managers have to maintain a line of effective communication with the employees to better answer their issues and concerns. This is also important so that the managers can impart the company policies and procedures, as well as expectations over the employees. Effective communication between the employees ensures teamwork and a better group dynamic within the organization.  It lessens misunderstandings between the employees and fosters a smooth transmission of information within the organization.

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