Is BIGO Live A Dating App?

All those familiar with the BIGO Live app knows about the different features and live video streaming options that are offered by the platform. However, the big question that comes to our mind is that Is Bigo live a dating app? The answer would be NO. BIGO Live is not a dating app and does not have any features that can be compared with any dating app. Keeping all this in mind, we are here with a complete review of the BIGO Live app and will see the reason why BIGO Live can not be seen as an online dating application.

What BIGO Live App Is All About?

If you are looking for a credible and completely free online video streaming platform then BIGO Live app is there for you. With an easy interface and advanced technology that is a combination of artificial intelligence and augmented reality BIGO Live app delivers a seamless and high-quality video streaming experience to the users. This is in no way related to dating and BIGO Live app can not be considered a dating app. 
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The application is there on the Play Store and App Store in more than 150 countries and is completely free to use and download. In addition to that, users can download the version of the app according to the specifications of their device as well, there is BIGO Live PC and BIGO Live Lite for PC and low-end mobile users respectively. 

Moreover, there is an age restriction on the app which is set at 18 years, making it important for parents to monitor the activities of their kids if they are below the prescribed age. 

Unlike any dating app where you get to chat with random people that are looking for a date, BIGO Live app is a platform that is meant for sharing videos and live streaming where all the followers interact with their favorite broadcasters. All this is a big difference between the BIGO Live app and any dating app out there in the market. 

When it comes to the content that is there on BIGO Live app platform, users will basically found the content to be broadly divided into two categories: Gaming and Showbiz. 

There’s an abundance of gaming clips and videos in the gaming section that is constantly updated by professional gamers and gaming enthusiasts. BIGO Live app is getting widely popular because of its easy to use interface making it really convenient for the players to upload and share their videos and live stream their gameplay. 

Besides gaming, the other major category for the content that is available on the platform is Showbiz. This category comprises everything else that is published on the platform. Right from cooking, music, comedy to fashion and entertainment. With thousands of creators and influences constantly updating their content and uploading a new one, there is no shortage of content on the BIGO Live app. 

Instead of paying for the registration like users do on dating apps, BIGO Live app is free to use and download and users get an ad-free experience with the free version as well. However, BIGO Live app offers its users to upgrade their status to VIP on the platform with the help of the in-app diamonds that can be bought in bulk. Besides using these diamonds to upgrade their status on the platform, users can also gift them virtually to their favorite broadcasters and streamers as well. 

The diamonds that are gifted to the broadcasters are thereafter converted into “beans”. With the help of these beans, the broadcasters can either upgrade their account to VIP or cash these beans out once they reach have a certain amount of beans. 

The only aspect of the BIGO Live app that is similar to any dating is app is the option to video chat with other users. Users can chat one on one or they can add up to 9 friends in a video group chat. Additionally, interactive filters and unique stickers are also available for the users which they can use during a video chat with their friends. However, users also get the possibility of sharing the same screen with their favorite streamers during their live chat as well, making the BIGO Live app an amazing platform. 


BIGO Live app is definitely not a dating app, with tons of exciting features and options for live video streaming and video sharing.