Interview With CTO Avi Benezra About SnatchBot And The Future Of AI

How Did You Get The Idea To Start SnatchBot?

I remember when it was considered exotic for a business even to own a webpage, let alone establish their presence all across the internet. SnatchBot was birthed from the idea of a new dawn of business practices.

In the past, businesses have had numerous issues dealing with different administrative topics. Most companies operate through the internet these days, or at the very least, have some presence on it. All industries can benefit from the implementation of AI chatbots.

AI chatbots fulfill numerous different vital roles in businesses’ internal and external infrastructure. SnatchBot is one such AI chatbot platform that provides and serves important security and administrative functions. 

In short, SnatchBot offers AI personal assistants that every business and employee dreams of, and it was birthed through that idea. 

What attracted you to AI as a sector?

I was always looking for a way to improve and automatize some crucial aspects that aren’t that tough to process. 

In any business, there are numerous different administrative and infrastructural things to do that aren’t necessarily hard – but they require time and effort. And if I’m not doing them, my workforce is wasting time with mundane tasks that could be automatized.

What attracted me to AI as a sector in the first place was its promise. The promise of automatization and the relief it could, and eventually did, bring to the table. The technological revolution is happening as we speak, and AI is at its forefront. 

What Are Some Of The Main Capabilities And Features Of Your Chatbots?

I’ve done my best to create a tool for businesses to employ in their arsenal. What makes AI chatbots different from applications is that they use advanced AI technology to learn from their mistakes. 

With this in mind, the capabilities of the SnatchBot platform are virtually endless as a perfect co-worker and business companion. Some features of SnatchBot AI chatbots are:

  • Automatization of mundane administrative tasks.
  • The thrilling ability to learn and improve over time, through the powerful AI Machine Learning technology.
  • Full customizability that allows business owners to tailor an AI chatbot precisely to their needs.
  • Natural language processing capabilities, letting the AI bot understand phrasing even if unorthodox. 
  • Memorization capabilities allow the bot to remember past conversations and follow up if needed. 
  • Amazing support for all industries through a wider variety of applications. 

Is There A Ceiling For Chatbots?

There is an upper limit for everything, but that does not mean we are going to be reaching it any time soon. The upper limit for chatbots when prices, wages, and expendability are in question, is certainly in existence, but it’s not happening soon.

We have to understand that these types of things evolve organically in all of their aspects. If something requires too much computing power, it is going to be very expensive until more powerful computers are available. 

When something is exclusive, it is going to be expensive. If something provides a service that has never before been provided in a way that revolutionizes the industry at a high price, it’s not considered pricey – it’s revolutionary. AI chatbots are going to advance organically alongside computers, so even if there is a limit, it’s nowhere close. 

What Makes Your Chatbots Stand Out Among The Competition?

What makes SnatchBot’s AI chatbots stand out among the competition? The answer lies within their sophistication.

While all chatbots strive to provide pretty much the same service, so far, I’ve not found that none operate on a level quite like SnatchBot’s offer. Another thing that makes these bots stand out among the competition is the sheer computing power and AI processing that it entails within their internal programming. 

The variation in their application in modern businesses and their internal infrastructure is impressive. There is a bot for everything and anything, and it’s all contained within the SnatchBot platform. 

Widespread support, astounding capabilities, industry-wide application, constant support and improvement, and our diligence in contributing to the AI revolution are all things that make SnatchBot’s products stand out among the competition.

Are You Worried About Elon Musks’ Recent Cautions Against AI?

Elon Musk is a favorite in our field of practice. From his recent contributions to TeamTrees to his constant technological contributions, he is a favorite in and out of the AI industry.

Elon does bring up some important issues when it comes to AI, and I do agree with him on several of his statements. 

“Is AI dangerous, though?”

In my opinion, AI is as dangerous as we make it. I’ll have to agree with his co-respondent in the conversation, Jack Ma. AI is a tool that we’re using to improve life here on earth, and we will continue to use it for quite a while. In short – no, I’m not worried at all. 

  • How Close Is AI To Become Commercially Available?

AI is already commercially available to some extent and has been for quite some time.

Advanced AI software is available for sale and implementation and has already found its foothold in numerous different industries. 

The full commercial availability of complete and advanced AI software can be expected in the future – and the future is now!