[Infographic] The 10 Biggest Data Breaches And Their Causes

Did you know that data breach in the UK rose by 90% and 74% for large and small companies respectively in 2015?

The statistics are a clear indication that both small and large organizations are prone to data breach.

Evidently, in the last few years, even high profile companies such as MySpace and Sony have fallen victims to data security breach.

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Organizations across all sectors are at risk. Whether you are in banking, government, technology, retail, finance or academics you need to carefully plan and implement your data security plan.

Otherwise, the consequences of your crucial data landing on the wrong hands can be devastating.

The key to implementing effective data security measurers is in learning the biggest data breaches and their causes.

The infographic below from Redpixie tells us about the facts on data breaches and their causes. The greatest cause of data breach is hacking.  Law firms and banking organizations are top on the list of the industries where data is compromised.