Internet Marketing

Increasing Your Conversion Rates for Campaigns

Email marketing is a great way to grow your business and increase revenues.  Whether you use email marketing for the holiday or for year-round campaigns, improving your conversion rates should be a top priority.  There are a number of ways to go about increasing your conversion rates and this article will detail some simple and effective methods of doing so.

Be Enthusiastic

One of the key aspects of selling is getting your customers to be excited about the product and one of the best ways to do this is to be excited about the product yourself.  Readers will be able to tell whether or not you truly believe in the product based on your copy so next time you’re writing a sales email, remember that.  Be enthusiastic about the product you’re promoting and your readers will be too.

Craft a Great Subject Line and Headline

Two of the first things your email recipients are going to see are the subject line and headline.  This is your chance to grab the reader’s attention and to entice them to read the rest of the email.  If your subject line and headline don’t interest the readers, the chances are very high your email will be sent straight to trash.  Going back to our last tip, be enthusiastic in all of your writing including the subject line and headline and you’ll quickly see your conversion rates rise.

Have Strong Calls to Action

One of the most effective ways of increasing your conversion rates for email campaigns is to include strong call to actions.  Make sure your reader knows what you want them to do.  This doesn’t necessarily have to be selling them something.  Perhaps you want them to view your latest video or download your free e-book.  Whatever your goal is, make it known to the recipient.  Don’t be afraid to include your calls to action more than once in your email (but don’t go overboard either – balance is key).

Narrow Your Target Audience

If you’re in a niche that is quite large and includes sub-niches, chances are not everyone on your email subscription list will have the exact same interests.  Through data collection (for instance, an email survey), get to know your audience.  Learn what they like and what they don’t like.  Once you’ve figured that out, consider dividing your list and sending only the most relevant information to each section.  This can be a great way to better the relationship with your readers and increase your conversion rates.

Be Persuasive

If there is one thing you take out of this article, it’s that you need to be persuasive.  With the availability of free information and products on the internet, persuasion is a key to obtaining great conversion rates.  Read article and sales copy from top marketers in your niche to learn what works and what doesn’t.  If persuasive language isn’t your strong suite, it’s highly recommended that you hire a good copywriter.  Although it will cost you a bit upfront you’ll see a great return on your investment.