How Windows 11 Will Perform for PC Gamers?

How Windows 11 Will Perform for PC Gamers?

Microsoft have come out and said the following: “if you’re a gamer, Windows 11 was made for you.” So, it is only understandable that many gamers out there cannot wait for the release to be made available for them. With some serious upgrades, the latest Windows 11 Operating System is sure to be impressive. Something worth noting is that the Windows 11 update will be fully integrated with Xbox Series X|S consoles – this feature will enhance the Xbox ecosystem and make it super cohesive for the future. 

Two of these features which will make the biggest impact are the AutoHDR and DirectStorage. Having AutoHDR available means you will be able to play games in HDR which were not previously build for HDR consoles. With more and more games being created with HDR support, you can bet that Microsoft will push AutoHDR for gamers when Windows 11 is launched. DirectStorage is another feature gamers are going to appreciate. It allows your PC’s processor to be bypassed, letting it do what it should be doing and not be restricted by any extra overhead. With DirectStorage loading screens and wait time will be decreased – leaving you with more time to play the games you love.



There is something for the non-gamers to look forward to as well with the update. Many Microsoft Office 365 Experts have weighed in on the power that Windows 11 will bring and can without a doubt say it will be revolutionary. One of their newest additions is called the Action Centre. It brings all of your usual actions and updates into one simple toggle system – it uses design language used on mobile OSes and looks incredibly easy to manage. TechQuarters are one of the top-rated IT Companies in London and have been providing London-based businesses with complete IT management for years. They provide an inclusive Managed IT Services London Package for UK businesses – it encompassed the full Microsoft Office licensing your business would need. TechQuarters have seen how incredibly useful the Microsoft updates have been to users in the past and are excited about what Windows 11 will bring.

Recently, Microsoft has announced that it is going to release the Windows 11 platform soon. But what makes this release exciting is that it would have extensive support for gamers. Even Microsoft has stated that Windows 11 would provide gamers with a good gaming experience.

Even the Vice-President of Xbox has claimed that Windows 11 would be the best OS version for gamers. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why Windows 11 is the best platform for gamers.

Windows 11 will feature Auto HDRAutoHDR

As we all know, auto HDR usually enhances visuals. Windows 11 would feature auto HDR, which would provide the best visuals to the gamers. In simple words, this feature would automatically enhance any game based on DirectX. Even if you are playing an SDR game based on DirectX, you would be able to get much richer visuals with Windows 11.  

Introduction of Direct Storage

Introduction of Direct Storage

Windows 11 is introducing support for direct storage. Note that it is a feature that Microsoft originally introduced with the Xbox series. With the direct storage API, users would be able to handle more data requests.

This API would also result in the fast loading of various applications. In simple words, even if you have a low-configuration device, with Windows 11, games and apps would be able to load much faster.

Get Easy Access to the Xbox Ecosystem

With Windows 11, the best segments of the Xbox ecosystem would be more accessible than before. For gamers, it is great news as Xbox has more than a hundred games in its library. What’s more, Xbox cloud gaming would be available directly in the app too.

So as you can see, Windows 11 is all set to introduce a plethora of features for gamers. Microsoft also wants Windows 11 to be at the center of the open tech ecosystem.