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How to Write A First Class Research Paper

Writing a research paper is one of the most common ways used to determine a college student’s academic capability. In order to write an effective research paper that is both analytically and theoretically strong, you will need to follow certain steps. The key is to believe in one’s ability to carry out extensive research and form an analysis on the given topic.

Following is a step-by-step guide to help you through the process of creating a first-class research paper:

Step 1 – Choose a Relevant Topic

While college students are given the liberty to choose their own topic, it is recommended that they focus on current affairs. Choosing a topic that is relevant to the current times will not only impress your professor but will also help you create a mark by establishing your own perspective on that topic. Moreover, information regarding current topics will be easily available both online and offline. Selecting a topic that you are familiar with will further aid in your writing.

Step 2 – Research

This is the most important and essential step in this process. To write a research paper that provides a new and different take on the subject requires you to refer write-ups on that subject which are already published and available in the public domain. The mark of an A+ research paper lies in the degree of the research that is carried out prior to the composition. Look for sources on the web and in your local and college libraries and collect as much information as you can. Instead of reading Wikipedia articles, go through the references that were used to create those articles. Referring magazines, journals, and newspapers will also help you understand the topic better.

Step 3 – Create a Thesis Statement

A research paper is something that provides a new perspective on an existing subject. And the first thing you should do while writing a paper is to make your readers clear about the main theme. This is called “thesis statement” in technical parlance. Your research paper will be graded on the power of this statement, so you should compose it carefully.

Step 4 – Create an Outline

Once you have all the information ready and have drafted your thesis statement, the next step is to create an outline. Most research papers and essays have three main sections – detailed introduction, body, and conclusion. Each of these sections is important, and your focus should be on creating an outline based on these. For example, the introduction part should provide a detailed overview of the topic so that the readers are well-versed with it before they jump into the main body.

Step 5 – Compose Your Research Paper

This is where actual paper writing begins. Since you have the outline and information ready, you just need to start writing. Please do bear in mind that this will be your first draft and you will have to do multiple revisions before your final paper will be ready. So, instead on focusing on avoiding mistakes, we recommend you to write what you think. Editing, structuring, and proofreading will come later.

College students are suggested that they incorporate a personal touch in their research papers and essays.

Step 6 – Revise and Edit

Once you have completed writing your research paper, it is now time to edit and structure it in a way that will aid the reader in navigating through it properly. You will have to go through your writings multiple numbers of times, and revise certain sections that you feel need improvement.

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Step 7 – Final Editing

Once the structure and content have been finalized, you will have to proofread and edit it. It is best to stick to short and simple sentences that directly provide a context rather than using advanced vocabulary. However, if you have to use a specific jargon, you should use it. Proofreading your research paper is absolutely essential because no one likes reading a paper riddled with typos and grammatical errors.

Writing a research paper should be a gradual process. And we hope these steps will help you create a first-class research paper on any topic. For advanced requirements, you can always hire a professional paper writer.