How To Play With Free Slots Spins On Your Android Phone And Profit

Gaming on the go has become a particularly popular way of having fun as well as making profit. Slots are leaders when it comes to number of fans, who enjoy spinning those reels anywhere and anytime on their favourite Android smartphone. By now you are probably aware that in order to play real money slots on a mobile device you have to visit casino sites that cater to Android users, complete their registration process and then make a deposit.

However, what you may not be aware is the fact that many such operators offer lucrative free spin bonuses that, when treated wisely, can earn you cash without investing a single penny. Naturally, not all free spin bonus offers are the same and not all of them are designed in a way that let players actually scoop and/or withdraw winnings. Therefore, we’ve prepared this guide that should help you understand free spin offers and make the most out of them.


What Android users must pay attention to prior to claiming any free spin offers is whether the exact bonus can be used on mobile devices. Certain casinos don’t allow players to use particular offers on smartphones and that can be a real problem afterwards. If you’re absolutely sure that the bonus that caught your attention is mobile-friendly, you’re ready to claim it by using the appropriate code, making a deposit or simply by registering with the operator. Another important thing to pay attention to is what games can be the free spins spent on; for example, Netent has a lot of offers that are available only on Starburst, while sometimes the slots are selected according to their theme such as Christmas, superheroes and etc. The reason for doing so is simple; first, playing games that aren’t allowed can result in you losing the bonus alongside any winnings and second, you want the selected games to have as high RTP as possible.

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Three important segments of each free spin offer are validity, wagering and max cashout. Unless these three are favourable, there’s no way for a player to win cash playing on their Android smartphone. Therefore, stick to offers that can be used within, at least, seven days, and that have low or no wagering requirements. If you have to turnover winnings 40x or 50x prior to withdrawal, the chances to accomplish this are minimal. Lastly, you want to be able to cashout as much cash as possible. Therefore, offers with a max cashout of $10 or $50 are just not worth it.

In terms of actual gaming after you’re familiar with the rules and you’ve claimed the offer, there are a few additional tips. You may want to use all the free spins at once, rather than splitting them. It’s believed that this way you increase your chance of winning with each spin and splitting the session ruins this opportunity for you. Also, some experts claim that turning the reels constantly, without taking breaks also enhances your chances of winning. Finally, we would advise you to cashout as soon as that’s possible. Gaming on your Android device is fun and you can quickly spend all your winnings before you even remember to withdraw them. Therefore, don’t let the action mesmerise you and avoid playing as long as you still have winnings into your account; once the wagering is met – cashout. In cases when there aren’t any rollover requirements, it’s the best to withdraw the moment the last free spin is played.