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How to Make your Online Checkout System More User-Friendly


An ecommerce website can feature cutting-edge design, high quality products in a niche market, and a comprehensive marketing strategy. Yet if customers find that it’s too difficult to make a purchase and check out securely, they will quickly abandon their shopping carts and look elsewhere. As a result, if you sell products or services online it’s vital to look at ways to incorporate a more user-friendly checkout system. The following are a few of the top features to think about when you are developing your online payment system.

Accessing the Shopping Cart

Clearly displaying products and creating an easily navigable layout will help encourage visitors to make a purchase. The shopping cart should also be clearly displayed, so that the shopper knows exactly what to do in order to begin the transaction. You can do this by making sure the button linking to the cart is large, prominent, and in a logical place. The customer should be able to view the cart when they wish, with a clear list of the items placed in it. Many ecommerce shops choose to list each product with a picture and title.

Modifying the Shopping Cart

Along with finding and viewing the cart, a streamlined checkout system will also allow users to add and delete products as they wish. Ecommerce platforms like Shopify or shopping cart software programs should include options to personalize the shopping cart on your website. You should be able to enable the option to change quantities, colours, and other variables as needed. Without the ability to modify the cart, customers will become confused and you’ll stand a chance of losing the sale entirely.

One Stop Checkout Page

Multiple studies show that the checkout step is where an online website is most likely to lose a sale, due to buyer’s remorse or other factors. You can reduce the chance of this happening by creating the easiest checkout system possible, fitting everything in one page. If a buyer has to enter personal information on numerous pages, they may quickly lose interest in the sale. If you are working with a local New York or Denver web development team, be sure to discuss your checkout system options. Another helpful option to streamline the checkout system is to set up a client database which stores their account information. This gives customers the option of saving their information, for a quick and easy checkout next time.

Online Tracking Systems

Shipping is the final step of any online checkout system, and you can make this a more user-friendly experience for your customers by providing tracking information. Some ecommerce stores will give buyers the option of signing up for alerts about their tracking status, so that they are notified when the product has shipped. This follow-up care makes it more likely that customers will return for purchases in the future.

With a little bit of planning and the use of today’s ecommerce tools, it’s easier than ever to make the online shopping experience a more user-friendly affair.