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How to Make Email Marketing and Social Media Work Together

Both emails (or in this case, newsletters) and social media sites are great internet marketing tools. You can use them to help promote your site and reach a wider set of audiences. However, a lot of business owners still use social media and email marketing separately. In this article, we are going to discuss how you can use them both – with the help of services such as Mailigen – for even greater benefits.

Cross-Promotion Helps

At the beginning of your email marketing campaign, finding subscribers is really difficult. It takes time before you have thousands of recipients to reach out to. The same goes for social media. When you first set up your social networking pages, you are starting with 0 followers.


You can speed up the process of gaining followers – or reaching wider audience – on both platforms by promoting each other. Depending on which tool you use first, you can jumpstart your email marketing or social media efforts by reaching out to audiences you already have.

When sending out newsletters to existing users, be sure to include URLs to social networking pages at the bottom of the email. You can also actively ask users to follow or like you on social media. On the other hand, asking followers to subscribe to your mailing list or newsletter can help boost the number of emails you have on your list.

Mutual Content for Both Platforms

The contents you send through newsletters can be used to fuel your social media campaign. Social media sites have limitations you need to follow; you can’t share long contents, but you can always share links to blog posts or articles. The same goes for emails. You should only include an excerpt of the article you are promoting and provide users with a link to the actual page on your site.

Combined, these two internet marketing tools can produce great results. Both the social media pages and newsletters can point towards different links discussing the same matter from a different angle. At the end of each article, point towards the other article; you can even add call to actions, asking users to follow your social media pages or subscribe to your newsletter.

There are two benefits of using social media and email marketing this way:

  • You can increase your users’ time on site. Since they are most likely interested to read the other side of the story, they will be spending twice as much time on your site.
  • It is much easier to track the effectiveness of each internet marketing tool. Based on the responses you get, you can then fine-tune your strategy to better suit your users.


One of the things that users cannot do upon receiving newsletters is ask questions. Set up a social media page – or a section of the social media page you already have running – for this very purpose. Direct newsletter recipients to that section should they want to ask questions. Interact with your users directly and you will have a strong user base that looks forward to your next articles.