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How To Make An Online Brochure Quickly And Easily

Creating online brochures and other graphic documents is no longer the arena of professional designers or publishers. With the right tools, anyone can understand how to format a document, to make a visually appealing brochure to promote their business. While online brochures can come in the form of a web site, the idea of compressing your message into a graphic document like a flipbook ( is more popular.

Get The Right Tools

The best part of creating an online brochure rather than a print one is that you can take advantage of different tools that make the chore extremely easy. A service like Yumpu is one of the biggest flipbook tool services, and one that lets you build a brochure with just a few mouse clicks. With their introductory free account, you can publish a brochure or magazine without needed to take a heavy tutorial on design or formatting.

Get The Right Tools

Gather Good Content

This is a combination of taking good quality photos of your products (or other representations of your services) as well as snappy, clear text content to go along with them. When you do write the content for your brochure, offer all the pertinent details, rather than just tease your readers.

Don’t settle for just still photos either. If you have some good video, you can add that to your brochure too. Even a small 2-page document can benefit from video for maximum impact and engagement. A personal audio statement or customer testimonial can be a nice touch, a little something different you don’t see on the average brochure.

Gather Good Content

Put it All Together

This is the actual point where you make your brochure. If you already have a brochure designed, you can upload it as a PDF to convert to a flipbook so don’t feel that you have to start from scratch if you’ve already invested work in an existing document.

Otherwise, you can just walk through the tool and build a brochure. Once you start a new document, there are clear buttons where you can add your choice of multi-media. Click and select the video, graphic or audio file from your hard drive and simply place it where you want on the page. Turn any text into a link, which helps connect your readers directly to your site or other online locations. The tool will let you select text and turn it into a link when you provide the URL.

Gather Good Content 1

Give it a preview to see how it’s turned out, and save your brochure. Don’t forget to add the little details like keywords, a category, description and other relevant details that will help people find your brochure in searches.

When all your pages are put together, you can save and publish your work. Once live on the servers of your chosen tool, you’ll be given a few lines of code. That’s your key to adding your brochure or magazine to webpages, blog posts and Facebook updates. Just copy and paste.

After you’ve added that code to get your brochure out there, don’t be afraid to make updates or changes either. Log back into your flipbook tool, and do what you need to do. They update the document on their end, and the updated version will start displaying without having to do anything on your pages.