How To Get Out Of Silver In CS: GO

Unless you’ve just been introduced to CS: GO, the existence of ranks should not be new to you. There are plenty of ranks, each awarded to players depending on their skills that they’ve achieved over time. If you’ve just started playing, you’ll be given the Silver rank, which is the lowest one on the list. This rank is usually given to those who are just playing around and are not competitive.

Sadly, you’ll have a hard time if you don’t grow some thick skin because many advanced players tend to make fun of those in Silver rank. So how do you lift the curse of the lowest rank in CS: GO, and get to open great rewarding cases on Here are some tips.

Work with Your Team

It’s important to remember that CS: GO is not a single-player game, but rather one where team communication is key to winning. Trying to work by yourself will only lead to the downfall of your own team, and you won’t build relationships either.

As such, make sure you properly communicate with your teammates because this is the only way to come up with effective strategies that give you chances to beat your opponents. If possible, use your microphone rather than typing, as it takes less time and could be more helpful.

Master a Few Maps

CS: GO is very rich in maps, and some of them are better built than others. At the same time, it all comes down to preferences, thus finding the ones that you enjoy the most will help you enjoy the game and become a better player.

While you’re a beginner, try your best to find the maps you like the most and learn them well. As a result, you will learn the layout and know the best hiding spots, where bombs are best planted, where the enemies are most likely to strike, and more. By doing so, you increase your chances to win and, automatically, grow in rank.

Win Most Matches

This situation might be totally out of your full control in most cases, which is why the communication matter can’t be stressed enough. Ranking up happens when you win a lot of matches in a row. Losing a lot will ruin all the process and hold you back from advancing further.

Therefore, you should always communicate with your team and follow the best course of action, which will bring you victory. Losing one game will not do too much damage, but losing too many will definitely have consequences.

Final Thoughts

Ranking up will require lots of time, concentration, planning, and practice in order to happen. The main priority should be having fun with the game and not being the best of the best, but if you don’t mind getting a little competitive, these guidelines should come in handy. Follow them closely, and your future as a CS: GO player will be full of rank-ups, and you might even become one of the pros.