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How to Get a Secure and Comfortable Smartphone Experience

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With the development of high tech operating systems like the Android and iOS, phones have become more than just means of communication. The development of a greater number of mobile apps has made the dream of having all-in-one leisure gadget true. These features are now being increasingly utilized every day for activities, ranging from professional to leisurely ones. Where on one hand the expensive nature of phones today has made them more prone to theft, there has been also a dramatic increase in the rate of cyber crimes especially with third-party selling of mobile phone apps. By taking the measures listed below, one can entitle themselves to a rather securer smartphone experience.

1) Configure location and security settings on your phone

Smartphone’s today now also come with built in measures and settings to prevent mobile phone related security threats, while also securing your information in it. These may be simple security settings, including the option to password to protect your phone. A simple password protection when added to your phone, at least gives you the option of keeping confidential data in your phone without the fear of it being accessed by others in case of theft or otherwise. Such a security measure is further strengthened by configuring location and other related ‘security settings’ on your phone, especially as soon as you purchase it.

2) Going For Smartphone Insurance

From a budding concept just a few years ago, mobile phone insurance has now become an essential measure to be taken when purchasing these high technology and highly priced smartphones. Standalone insurance policies like “Protect your Bubble” provide comprehensive, yet effective insurance coverage for your phone. The packages of such companies may also be rather cheaper, providing insurance from £1.49 per month. It is in fact a relatively nominal amount.

Mobile phone insurance eases away your hassle when it comes to repairing a broken screen and technical faults, or arranging for a replacement in other worst case scenarios. With good insurance coverage providers, most of these measures are carried out in a very short span of time. Mobile insurance hence reduces the discomfort of going without your phone for an unnecessarily long period of time.

smartphone insurance

3) Utilize Security software

Smartphone technology, though being efficient, is also extremely prone to malware and viruses that can mess up with your phone and the data saved in it. Along with it, there is also always the danger of unreliable people accessingyour data. Hence, realizing the above stated facts many, top antivirus software providers has launched versions compatible with smartphones. Similarly there are also reliable apps available that act as tools that help you increase your smartphone security. Many such apps tend to protect your phone from malicious network and hence may come in handy when deciding to use an unknown Wi-Fi network or not. Similarly many apps may also help you trace your phone once it is stolen, by allowing you to identify its location on Google maps even when the GPS is off. Another kind of crucial apps designed, includes those that allow you to remotely access your phone when losing it. This way not only can you wipe it clean of all your crucial data but also lock it up to prevent any unwanted access to it.

4) Secure your internet usage (include app download and mobile security apps)

Even after allowing for all of the above mentioned measures to secure your phone, taking precautionary measures is still a must. This must be done so realizing the fact that thieves and other cybercrime doers are always trying to find ways to ward off the effects of all the possible security measures. The most basic care that must be taken when using a smartphone is when trying to connect it with a public or unknown Wi-Fi network, for this may allow unwanted access to your data. Similarly for greater protection of your phone’s data and software, greater care must be taken when downloading apps or other files. Such basic precautionary measures will automatically lower the risk of your phone being infected by a virus, malware or spyware. Similarly jail-breaking your iPhone may allow you to access free apps but simultaneously, it also opens up your phone to various resulting security dangers, given that the typical screening through the app store no longer occurs now. Hence even when it comes to downloading any sort of apps it must be done through trusted app sources even if it includes a certain amount of fee.