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How to Cut Your College Career Costs Using VoIP


When you try to work out the money that you need to save for college, you could think to include the cost of the college hunt, travel to the college, your tuition, room and board, books and entertainment. There’s one expensive item that should go on this list that frequently gets left out – the phone bills when you repeatedly call all the colleges on your list to work out all the details.

If you plan to attend graduate school to pursue an MBA or any other rigorous degree for that matter. Your need to be in touch with professors and other knowledgeable people about the business industry on campus could be even greater. After all, being successful while in graduate school greatly depends on finding a college that is solely focused on teaching you the skills you will need to know as a successful administrator..  The average tuition for a two-year MBA program exceeds $60,000, but an MBA degree can be a valuable asset for any job seeker. So more and more people enroll in online MBA programs.

There are a number of reasons why you may need to have extended conversations over the phone

Here are a few reasons.

  • You need to talk to professors about the admissions process, the requirements for financial aid, research ideas and so on.
  • Talking to friends or other existing students at each college to ask about their personal experiences at the college and the problems they face is an important step in deciding on a college. It can take time to draw people out about what they really feel. You couldn’t do this if you are constantly nervous about your phone bill.
  • You’ll want to repeatedly speak to the admissions departments at various colleges to make sure that you’re satisfied with your application.

If you plan to apply to several colleges, your phone bill could run to $1,000 or more.

You could wonder about email

It’s a valid question – the written word can communicate just as much information as the spoken word. It comes with the added advantage that it’s free.

The problem with communicating over email is that typing out precise questions and long discussions can be time-consuming. Even if you are willing to invest that kind of time, the important people you speak to may not find emails a fair use of their time.

VoIP isn’t just the alternative – it could be your only choice

VoIP is a method that allows you to conduct conversations with people over a phone that connects you to the other party not through a standard phone circuit but through the Internet, instead.

Communicating over the Internet, anything you say is simply transmitted as digital data. Transmitting digital data back and forth is far less expensive than transmitting analog voice.

Just as using your Internet connection to look at websites far away doesn’t cost any more than looking at local websites, speaking to every location over VoIP costs the same. You pay a VoIP provider a flat price the way you pay your Internet service provider a fixed some each month. In return, you get unlimited service, no matter where you call. If you use VoIP a lot and need better call quality you may even want to look at business voip services.

There are multiple ways to use VoIP

Some methods of using VoIP are completely free. If the call you make on your VoIP phone is to a party who also has VoIP, typically, it’s free. Many colleges have VoIP to help their students.

Calling a regular old-fashioned phone from a VoIP phone, on the other hand, should require you to subscribe to a VoIP service. The competition is stiff among providers of such services and you generally get excellent value for money. You need to use a comparison shopping website like Get VoIP to find something that works for you.

Using VoIP for your college hunt could lead you to the best college

Finding the right college is something that could set the course of your life. It’s hardly a time you should feel rushed to save money. When you have affordable technology that helps you look for a great college, there’s little reason to not use it.