How to Capture and Edit videos Using Wondershare DemoCreator

With the advent of technology and eco-friendly techniques the world is moving towards more reliable and efficient methods to convey information. It has become a new normal to create videos for:

  • Product demos 
  • Explaining concepts 
  • Delivering lectures
  • Gameplays
  • Professional presentations
  • Introducing new ideas
  • Troubleshooting solutions
  • Business planning

And many other tremendous purposes. With all these reasons to make a video people find it difficult to opt for this option. The terms video recording and video editing creates confusion and pops up a factor of complexity. But now it’s no more a hurdle, with DemoCreator everything has been made trouble-free and easy.

Wondershare DemoCreator

With DemoCreator you not only CAPTURE but also EDIT AND ENHANCE your content. DemoCreator screen recorder uses a comfortable simple interface to develop professional and demanding videos. With DemoCreator you can edit videos by:

  • Cutting
  • Cropping
  • Trimming
  • Audio and Background Music
  • Noise Reduction
  • Transitions
  • Fading
  • Adding Texts/Title
  • Adding Charts
  • Annotations
  • Emoticons
  • Dialog Boxes
  • Cursor highlights 

And many options to animate your video by giving it a cinematographic essence. The DemoCreator has been inquisitively developed to meet the needs of everyone. Your familiarity develops within minutes you start using Wondershare DemoCreator.

Easy Screen Recording

DemoCreator is a complete recording and editing software that makes every tool readily available for your content development. It allows you to screen record your content whether it be an online lecture, presentation, or action gameplay. 

To start recording your screen directly press the red button CAPTURE, by the help of this you can record your whole screen or a portion of it by adjusting the pointers.

As you press the capture button, you have options to select the recording source whether it be your webcam or screen. And it also allows recording audio by the Microphone of your device. After adjusting the settings, press RECORD.

The DemoCreator has been automated for your ease. As soon as you stop recording it takes you to the Video Editing interface.

Powerful Video Editor

By video editing option, you can enhance both your recorded and saved videos. The video editing interface has 4 sections. 

  • The most left is the Video and Audio library which allows you to drag and use the video. 
  • At the bottom is the Story Section on which you drag and insert video to be edited. All the major tasks are done in Story section. 
  • The upper middle section shows the video in working. 
  • Whereas the right most section in Information and settings section which allows to Transform, Compost, adjust speed and denoise your video and audio content.

Cut and Crop

You can remove all the unwanted parts of the video by simply placing the marker at that instance and then cutting it. DemoCreator also allows cropping your video to remove any undesirable content on the screen. Both these options are just over the story bar.


You can also add Title to your video by selecting among variety of style on the left-hand side.

After selecting the style, you can alter the size and position of the title by pointers. DemoCreator also allows you to add subtitles and other text available in the title section.

Dialog Boxes

Sometimes we come across a situation in which you want your viewer to have additional information on some topic. In order to highlight the information, DemoCreator has numerous dialog boxes to use. The option is readily available on the left side right below the title option.


DemoCreator comprises of an unending option for stickers. The stickers are categorically arranged as:

  • Educational
  • Gaming
  • Social Media 
  • Gestures and many others

This can be accessed from the left side right below the Dialog option.


The sign of a smooth video is its transition. When a video clip jumps to another clip, the transition is meant to be very meaningful and systematic. DemoCreator has made it very comprehensible for you to choose among transition and then directly drag it to the end of the start of your video clip. There are many impressive transitions with numerous 3-D effects that make the user more absorbed and fascinated.

Adjust the video

After adding the video, you can adjust the positioning, orientation of the frame by simply clicking on the video and adjusting the parameters on the right-hand side.

Moreover, you can also enhance the fade-out effect by altering the opacity under the Compositing section.

In order to give a dynamic touch to your video, you can adjust the speed by increasing and decreasing it. Remember while adjusting the speed, time length of video changes. So, the more you enhance the speed, the smaller will be the video.

Audio Adjustment

In order to change the volume of background audio or music, go to the audio tab present on the right side. DemoCreator has an in-built noise reduction feature which allows removing any unwanted glitch in the audio of your video.


After you are done with your editing, Simply, press the export button present on the top right side of the interface. On export the DemoCreator will ask the desired quality as well as the format which can be MP4, WMV, AVI, MOV, GIF, MP3 formats. 

Wondershare DemoCreator Review

Wondershare DemoCreator is all-in-one software for all your video tasks. It is dynamically and systematically designed in such a way to give your video production a professional look with very simple techniques. The easy-to-use feature allows everyone with little or no knowledge of videography to capture and enhance their video content all using a single software. 

It is tailored to overcome the requirements of a student to a professional businessman. This gives versatile options for a user to make video lectures, project presentations, delivering business models, putting up gameplay, product demonstration, troubleshooting videos, and in all aspects of video material. This stunning software can be directly downloaded by visiting .