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How to Boost Data Transfer Speed

People can sometimes find downloading music and movie files a bit time consuming, however, there are many different methods of effectively boosting data transfer speeds.

Buy a signal booster

Perhaps the quickest way of boosting data transfer speeds is to invest in a 3G or 4G signal booster. A signal booster will help you to get the quickest possible speeds so there will be no more delays in waiting for files to download.

Buy a signal booster

Test the Broadband speed

There are many sites online that allow you to check Broadband and data transfer speeds. These services are free to use and a quick check will reveal how fast your current data transfer speeds are. Some sites will also provide a comparison so you can look at the other telecoms companies and compare speeds.

If your current provider falls well below other services, then it might be time to start looking for another contract; however, a 4G booster or 3G signal booster might be all you need.

Speak to your telecoms provider

If the reception you receive is poor and data transfer speeds are slow, then speak to your telecoms provider. They all have technical experts that can make suggestions to improve the speed and they’ll often talk you through a few basic checks to make sure that your connection is working as it should be.

Follow their advice and see if it works, but if the connectivity problems and poor data transfer speeds are due to the poor reception in your area, the most popular solution is a mobile signal booster.

Hi speed Wi-Fi


Another option is to buy a cable that will help to improve transfer speeds. These cost less than £30 from online retailers, and can help to transform a slow connection in some cases, however, it might not remedy the problem entirely, especially if you live in an area that has poor coverage from telecommunications companies.

Check the Cabling

If you have had a router for a long time, then sometimes the wires can become worn or the router might not perform as well. If you think age could be a factor in slow data transfer speeds, then it might be a good idea to check all of the cabling leading to the router and check for signs of wear.