How the Real Estate Industry Urges Technology to Come Knocking?

The use of technology today has become a norm. The technological excellence has emerged over the past decades in the country and over the globe. India is a country which has emerged in the world in the country market barely twenty five years back. The property business has emerged as one of the most promising industries for property investment. The overall growth in demand for housing in the country has increased with the economic prowess. The use of technology in such circumstances has emerged in a widespread manner. The overall growth in demand for housing in the country has increased to a great extent and the use of property has also increased considerably. Now a person can search for houses –say-in Pune or real estate brokers in Chennai online with considerable ease. The overall growth in demand for property across the country has emerged quite prominently and the property business has started to rely on the availability of technology in almost all the cases.


What has led to the growth of technology usage in property business?

The use of technology in the property business is not new. The usage of internet has increased across the country and therefore for a long time, there have been portals in place which allow property details to be viewed by the end users with ease. However most of these portals have mostly been listing options and there has not been any innovative use of technology to render credibility to the information that they provide.

The property business across the country witnessed a slowdown in the past few years. The overall growth across all the industries diminished as the recession in the country increased. The property business also suffered across the country and this was the time when the property seekers also became cautious of the unreliability of online listings. Purchasing properties after all had become an expensive proposition and they did not want to invest in any place that they were unaware of. This was the time property portal came into being. The portal is known for its use of technology innovation and it has firmly established its credentials over the years for being one of the most popular online resources for searching online. Not only can one search for properties using the portal but also search for loans and real estate brokers. Whether one is searching for a house or –say- real estate agents in Chennai, the portal offers reliable information related to both which help in saving time of the property seekers.

The innovation in technology and the use of mobile devices

Over the years, the property business across the country has emerged quite prominently. The slowdown in the real estate business forced innovation. However a lot of this also had to do with the proliferation of smart phones across the globe. More and more people are now opting for smart phones and improved internet connectivity has allowed blending of mobile and internet technology to offer location based services which are far more pragmatic than academic information that was earlier available across the country. The overall growth in demand for housing has emerged quite prominently and technology innovation has helped it being effectively captured. The innovation has certainly been brought to the forefront by