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How Technology Can Help When Pursuing A Career

Technology and the Internet have become such an integral part of daily living that it is easy to forget just how beneficial technology has been to many aspects of our lives, and the way in which it helps us when it comes to choosing a career and realizing ambitions.

The Internet has become the resource of choice for many of us as we seek to identify and apply for new employment opportunities, but in some cases there is requirement to upskill before any new prospects for employment arise.

In the past, a lack of access to education has often been a barrier to furthering a career. For many of us the opportunity to learn new skills has been hampered by the reality of 9-5 jobs and long commutes, which restrict the time available to take a course.

Online learning

A primary benefit of the Internet has been its ability to open up so many resources to each one of us at the touch of a button, and the development of online learning resources has enabled educational providers to broaden the reach of their courses. With online learning we can develop new skills in our own time and without the need to sacrifice work for the sake of pursuing qualifications on a full-time basis; something that many of us cannot afford to do in the first place.

Established centers of education, including prestigious universities, have grown to recognize the potential of reaching beyond traditional classroom settings to offer courses and qualifications to individuals wanting to learn online. Having an online presence for the purposes of offering courses is of benefit to an educational establishment because it spreads its remit globally, and enhances its reputation as a place of learning open to all. USC offers a GIS program that may interest you; it is a great example of a program that serves as a foundation for improved career opportunities as well as being a gateway to even higher qualifications.

Paid courses are readily available online and in most cases lead to formal, widely recognized qualifications, however, there are numerous free courses that will look well on a resume and catch the eye of potential employers. If nothing else, taking a course online, even if it is free, shows an eagerness to learn and initiative.

If you are in any doubt about the benefits to your career of upskilling, then consider how it would look from the perspective of a potential employer.

An interview talking point: Employers see an interview as an opportunity to determine the value you can add to their organization. Relevant online courses are a tangible demonstration of the type of skills you have, what you can bring to a job and what sets you apart compared to other candidates. A qualification answers a number of different questions an interviewer will have, including ones centered on your knowledge of a particular aspect of the job and what you have done to prepare yourself for working in a particular sector/industry.

A demonstration of personality: Another reason why an online qualification makes for a better interview experience is it allows you as a candidate to steer the direction of the conversation towards your own motivations for undertaking a course, and what you learnt as a result of doing it that you did not know previously. Demonstration of qualifications also speaks of how highly you rate as a person of strong character and an individual willing to learn and show discipline in the pursuit of career opportunities.

Learning on the go

If you are a person whose life is constantly lived on the go, with long commutes each working day and evenings in which free time is at a premium, you can still access educational and training resources using technological means. The increasing availability of learning apps makes acquiring new skills while on the go a reality. Mobile apps are typically used to enhance existing learning platforms rather than as a standalone system but that is not to downplay their significance because they are a great way of optimizing the time available in which to study and are particularly useful when you need to check something quickly or as a revision tool. Mobile learning platforms are also a great way for providers to disseminate course information and to keep you updated.

To pursue the career you want you should leave nothing to chance and technology is a great tool with which to realize your ambitions.