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How Smartphones Help Students in Writing Their Essays

How Smartphones Help Students in Writing Their Essays

Nowadays, it’s impossible to imagine our life without different smartphones. One can see people with these incredible innovations everywhere. Though many people blame that they are distracted, we disagree with such a viewpoint. If one uses them smartly, it’s possible to manage many tasks faster and better. Thus, students can use a smartphone to improve their academics. Therefore, we suggest reviewing 15 great ways when a smartphone along with a professional essay service helps to write essays.

Collaborative Apps

One of the most effective ways to improve the productivity of students is to make them work together. Collaborative skills teach young people to work as a team and thus, improve their own grades. Besides, it helps teachers to control the growth of their students so that the entire group could progress almost equally.

Thus, students may use Poll Everywhere and VoxVote. These apps serve excellently to enhance collaboration in the classroom. Students can discuss the main issues of essay writing and help each other. Besides, these apps keep the anonymity status so that none is shy.

Individual Apps

Students should also work independently to prove that they can manage most tasks on their own. It’s necessary to personalize the working process and become organized without anybody’s help. No matter how many tips you receive from your classmates, you have to write your essay papers on your own.

For example, many students use Dropbox and Evernote. These are smart apps, which work intuitively. They help to keep track of multiple projects. One may write down all the stages required to compose an essay step-by-step. Every stage will have its instructions and reminders.

Google Image Search

At times, people comprehend information with the help of their eyes. A picture may be worth a thousand words and you shouldn’t forget about it. Students may use a special application, which enables the search of images on Google. Students may find a lot of helpful data from different pictures and infographics to finish their assignments.

Translation Activities

To compose a real masterpiece, a student is supposed to have a large vocabulary. Students may use their smartphones to practice different translation activities. Every student can easily upload different apps that offer some translation tests, quizzes, trivia games, and so on. These activities can be done right on your smartphone.

Maintenance of Stylistics

It’s also important to follow a concrete style. Every essay has a certain writing format with strict rules to follow. Some students forget about many demands and thus, cite and format their texts incorrectly. To avoid a loss of essential grades, they may use apps that help to make all the references and citations correctly.

Improvement of Pronunciation

Another vital benefit from smartphones is a possibility to improve pronunciation. It’s an especially important function for foreigners. They can upload audio vocabularies and record the speech of native speakers. Thus, they can practice their pronunciation on a daily basis and steadily improve it.

Vocabulary Practice

Another good way to enlarge vocabulary is to undertake special activities. Online applications greatly assist in learning new words. Thus, a single sentence may sufficiently increase the number of new words. For example, you have a simple sentence like “The wage increased hugely”. Use an appropriate application to find synonyms for the word “increase”.

Play Games

There is one more method to increase active vocabulary, which will always help to use new creative words to build your sentences. It can be done when you play games. Of course, these should be games that are aimed at learning new words, phrases, and idioms. You will know different words that can fit different styles of your essays. Thus, you may choose Scrabble or other word puzzles. Record all new words to use them afterward in your essay writing.

Make Notes

You should obligatorily track all the steps you make while you study. There are many apps similar to Evernote or MindMapping. Some of them keep track of your assignments and phases of essay writing. The others record new words or techniques you master.

Practice Writing

It goes beyond all doubt that you won’t compose a good essay without advanced writing skills. Consequently, you should practice on a daily basis. Upload to your smartphone apps that help to train and improve your writing skills.

Create Narrations

Upload to your device some photos and try to describe them. These should be random images. Try to write short narrations on every theme. This will enhance your writing skills.

Have a Journal

Another great smartphone exercise is to have a journal. You’re free to write down all the ideas concerning your essays. Besides, you should record all the materials you learn. Afterward, sort them out into logical categories and blogs to always know where to find the required information.

Instant Deliveries

It’s important to contact your academic advisor quickly. If you have any questions or problems, use your smartphone to deliver materials immediately and receive clarifications.


Don’t forget to use a recorder. It’s not always possible to remember or write down all the materials. Therefore, use a phone recorder to store information in one place.

Manage Time

Use your smartphone to improve the speed of writing. There are many useful apps that help to fully control your time.

Use our recommendations to improve your writing skills via your smartphone. They are effective and universal for any essay. Don’t overuse your smartphone because it has some drawbacks too.