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How Smartphone Helps In Thesis Writing

With the advent of technology, students have found a solution to their writing needs. There is a lot of help coming from the smartphone technology these days along with the use of a PhD dissertation writing service. With the use of a smartphone, students can get all the help they need in academic writing. There are links, sites and apps that can be used to gather information needed. For the apps, there is no need of installing all of them at once, otherwise, it can be overwhelming to handle them. It is always advisable to test a few of them and establish what works for the type of job required.  Here are some of the tools accessible via a smartphone to help in thesis writing.



This is a great learning tool used for the reading and research phase of a thesis writing process. It is very useful in particular when reading various online sources. It helps students save web pages through an Instapaper account. More than this, it is made available in easy to read format that cab be accessed later on.


This is a simple Chrome extension for those who often open many tabs all at once. Juts through a single click, all opened tabs are collapsed into one window that enhances ease of reading, closing and saving the choice tabs for future reference.


One of the ways to find dissertation writing assistance is through the use of Momentum. This is a chrome extension too is very helpful in drafting a thesis paper. Each day, the user enters their main task of focus. Every moment they open a new tab, they are reminded of what their focus is and are given a different stunning image. It stops the user from typing other things different from the set ones. It keeps the writer on track to help them work on the thesis.


With Evernote, a user can sync across all the devices to keep working on the thesis both from a computer and on a smartphone platform.  The types of content that can be saved include audios, notes, images, and web pages with a detailed layout. These are much useful than paper scraps.


The ability to track progress in a writing process is very useful for everyone even when getting help from a thesis service. Right from a smartphone, Trello provides an overview of everything including projects and tasks to be completed. It helps the user manage the project through predetermined stages. 

With technology, learning has highly diversified. There are very many avenues to learning and thesis writing and mostly through smartphones. Students can now transfer what was written from their computer and keep on reading, drafting and updating it on a smartphone. There are a lot of mobile applications and tools to be used in academic writing. Here are some of the most useful ones that students can use. It is important to try each one of them to establish the most suitable