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How Mobile Games Made Their Way Into Social Platforms

How Mobile Games Made Their Way Into Social Platforms

The online gaming industry has a mass of online users on a per annum basis according to internet statistics, and in the same breath, it seems that social media also set its footprint in the world of online dominance. Combining the two is simply a genius concept, and thus opens up channels to a new niche called social gaming. Social platforms are used to promote online games and vice versa. Today, we can see a new generation of gamers who play online and via their social media accounts.  So let’s take a look at some of the factors that allowed for this transition.

Social Interaction

social interaction

Social media platforms such as Facebook connect users to discuss and debate about various games, mobile devices, gaming consoles and the like. Being able to use Facebook as a platform to play mobile games just seemed to work for the public and players can now communicate with their Facebook friends through their mobile devices while streaming their games.

The Convenience of Mobility

Rather than being limited to the use of online gaming from immobile consoles, smart device users are able to take their gadgets out, play their favourite games and interact with other people sharing a passion or a mutual appreciation of the game. The advantage of mobility allows players accessibility they wouldn’t have experienced from wired devices.

The Monetary Benefits

As social platforms allow for the use of advertising, gaming brands can attract players to sign up and download their applications via promotion or sponsored ads. Both platforms (gaming and social) seem to mutually benefit from this arrangement as mobile gaming apps and social media platforms can gain more users at the same time and thus reap profits in a shorter amount of time as opposed to traditional methods.

Publicity at its Best

Through social gaming, gamers have the ability to further or better their gaming careers through the aid of team members or other players and everything can be made available to the public. This is one of the advantages of social gaming and why mobile games companies looked to make their way into the social gaming realm. Players can easily interact with one another, providing feedback and advice as they progress through the game.

Access to New Markets

The popularity of mobile games on social platforms has attracted the close circles of players. Word of mouth, as well as social advertising, has gripped internet users and both mobile gaming apps integrated with social platforms are benefiting from the positive reaction of players.

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