How Live Dealer Studios Operate?

If you haven’t tried live dealer games yet, you’re missing out a lot: this new technology allows you to get the authentic casino experience from the comfort of your home and turns online gambling into a social experience. You can try your luck right now by visiting the live casino GGBet and play any card or table game you want against a real dealer. But before you visit GG.Bet casino, however, make sure you read our article as we explain everything you need to know about live casino games.

What Are Live Casino Games?

Games in online casinos are actually played against the computer. So, you don’t have tablemates, and for you don’t have a dealer who deals cards. However, live casino games are not like this: you play them against a real dealer, and there are other players like you at your table. Everything you see on the screen happens in real time. What you do is connect to a live stream, and the technology used is similar to video calls. Every click you make on the interface can be seen by the dealer. The rules and gameplay of the games do not change, and there is no difference in your chances of winning. You play against a real person instead of a computer, and you can even communicate with him/her by voice. Speaking of communication, these games also have chat support, and you can chat with your tablemates in writing.

How Do Live Casino Games Work?

Live casino games are streamed inside a physical building. The company that supplies these games (for example, Evolution) rents a building and hires multiple dealers. Different game tables are placed inside the building, and multiple webcams are placed around each. (Which means it is possible to view the table from different angles.) When the dealer sits at the table, he/she starts a live broadcast over the internet. It is possible to connect to this stream from anywhere in the world, and all you need for this is a device with an internet connection. Moreover, the hardware power or operating system of this device is not important. You are just viewing a live stream: if your phone or computer can make a video call, you can also play live casino games without any problems.

The dealer has multiple screens in front of him/her, and these screens show the decisions of the players. So, when you click the “stand” button while playing live blackjack, for example, the dealer can see this on the screen. Everything happens in real time for the dealer too, so there are no delays. 

Which Games Can Be Played Against a Live Dealer?

All card and table games (but not slot machines) can be played against real dealers. In other words, it is possible to play popular casual games such as poker, roulette, blackjack, baccarat and casual games such as keno and bingo. Theoretically, slot machines can also be played this way, but it is against the logic of slot games if someone else pulls the lever, and you watch it. In short, you can play all the games you can find in a real casino (except slot machines) in live casinos.

There are not only classic versions of the games listed above but also different variants. For example, roulette has different live variants such as Lightning Roulette, First Person Roulette and Speed ​​Roulette, each with different bonus bets. In addition, there are games that you can only find in live casinos. Games such as Monopoly Live, Football Studio and Crazy Wheel have been developed exclusively for live casinos.

What Do You Need to Play Live Casino Games?

Any device that can connect to the internet can be used to play live casino games. Since these are games that run on browsers, the operating system used is irrelevant. For the same reason, mobile phones, laptops and desktop PCs can be used. In any case, a download is not required either: a few seconds after you press the “play” button, the live stream will launch. So, you don’t need to use a special application/software to play live casino games, your browser is more than enough for this job.

How the Dealers Are Chosen and Trained?

The majority of dealers are rented from land-based casinos and are already trained. New dealers go through a short but intensive training period. All of them are given a specific game and expected to learn all the rules of that game. They also learn about casino etiquette and find out, for example, when and how to change the deck. No dealer can start a live broadcast without successfully completing these training sessions. The training process is no different from land-based casinos. The dealers only also learn how to use the screens in front of them. Nowadays, it is possible for everyone to enroll on a course at a live dealer school.

What Happens If You Lose Your Connection?

Your internet may be interrupted while playing live casino games. In this case, there are two possibilities: 

  1. You placed your money but did not choose a bet. 
  2. You have both placed your money and clicked on one of the betting options. 

In the first scenario, if you are disconnected, your money will not be lost and returned to your account. In the second scenario, because you have already chosen your bet, the game continues even if you are not available, and you either win or lose. If you win, your money will still be transferred to your account.