How Good is Brazilian PSafe Antivirus?

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PSafe antivirus is Brazilian software founded by Marco D Mello to protect online users from fraud in banking, hacking others password and other malware driven online crime.

People keep their important documents, files etc in their computers. While some crackers or non-ethnical people send viruses with emails to harm their computer and files and that’s where this PSAFE antivirus is useful.

PSAFE antivirus is well known antivirus and amongst one of the best antivirus in the world. People think that their antivirus should be good and useful for their computer and PSAFE antivirus will fulfill their all these needs.

It protects you against:

  • Viruses
  • Spyware
  • Trojan
  • Phishing

PSafe has been officially certified by BitDefender who believes that this software can do wonders in fighting those nasty computer viruses, without affecting the speed of your personal computer.

If you are an Internet user, you might be aware that the world faces more then 200,000 viruses everyday. PSafe has the capability of tackling all of them and the new ones are updated in no time.

Blazing Fast

Being a Windows user, you are well aware that you need an Anti virus for protecting your computer. But the only fear in mind is, your computer gets slow as we run the scanning program and even when it is in the background.

What’s the use of a high-configured computer that runs slow? No way should you compromise on performance of your computer.

Get your Psafe downloaded and let it protect your computer against viruses and malware without affecting the speed and performance of your computer.

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Safe from Phishing

We have been seeing many Internet users falling prey to silly pranks of hackers by getting the user clicked on a link and getting all the user details in no time.

Phishing has taken an ugly turn in today’s internet world, harming more then 2 billion people a week.

Before Psafe, there was no direct solution to protecting yourself from Phishing because it all depended on whether you will click on the link or not.

Not everyone’s mindset is same. Therefore, Psafe has the feature of protecting you from such Phishing links before you open them and fall prey to hackers.

Free and Easy to Use

Psafe free

Ugh! Hate those ugly looking user interface and you keep messing around to find what option of function you actually need? Psafe gives the solution for it too! It is designed to keep the not so often computer user use the software at ease.

Even thought they have a FAQ within the software, you don’t really need to go through it, as everything seems so clear.

Moreover, it is FREE! That being said, it is Free without compromising any virus tackling quality.

Partnered with BitDefender

Psafe has partnered with BitDefender to collaborate using the best technologies offered by the world leader in virus detection.

BitDefender is already used by more then 500 million people and was voted by best antivirus by PC Magazine this year.


Psafe has received 99.5% efficiency rating by world security leaders. All we can say is that go check it out, download it, test it and let us know how well the software has managed to get you out of the virus and malware mess. Go ahead and download it from .

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