How An Email Address Checker Will Help You Grow Your Business

Email marketing has become one of the most popular tactics for businesses to keep in touch with their customers quickly, easily and in a cost-effective manner. There are a whole lot of businesses, small to larger ones, that understand the power of email marketing, so they make sure their email list is always in good shape. For this purpose, they use an email address checker before sending any new campaign.

Email deliverability is crucial

Though email marketing is the most efficient marketing tool, it does require some effort. There are high chances that some of the email addresses in your list are invalid, so your emails will end up bouncing. To get the best results, it is necessary for businesses to clean their email lists from time to time, by using an email address checker. There are businesses that send out thousands of emails to their customers,on a daily basis. They have to make sure those emails reach their recipients. Email deliverability is the first step to generating revenue.

ZeroBounce, a popular email address checker

ZeroBounce is a popular email address checker that provides a comprehensive solution to businesses struggling with poor email deliverability. The email verification platform offers a series of features which include email bounce detection, spam trap, catch-all, role and disposable email detection. The company also developed an email verification API that you can install on your website to check emails in real-time.

Learn more about your subscribers

There are many pros for ZeroBounce users, and one of them is that the platform gives you the chance to learn more about your subscribers, through the Email Append function. On many email addresses it checks, the system automatically adds the name, gender and location of the user, and the location where that email address was registered.Be it yahoo, hotmail, gmail or aol, ZeroBounce is able to render the most accurate results on the market.

Choosing a complex and reliable email address checker is the best thing that you can do for your business. ZeroBounce is cost-effective, efficient, reliable and trustworthy. It caters to all types of business and helps them achieve great email deliverability and a clean sender reputation.