How a Salesforce Document Generation App Can Change Your Life?

How a Salesforce Document Generation App Can Change Your Life?

Are you using Salesforce every day? Are you using any document generation application to ease your task? Then you know how frustrating the technology can be. Add a smart Salesforce document generation app to your Salesforce wheelhouse and see how it impacts the whole system. Once installed, the document generation app will help you to create thousands of emails and to send them to your customers with just a couple of clicks. 

Not only that, you can also make quotes, create business proposals and generate any other necessary documents with the help of this simple application. You just have to have enough knowledge to make this application work in your favor. The benefits of the application and other details can help you to make an educated decision. 

If you are still on the fence about installing a document generation app in your Salesforce wheelhouse, this is the time you should read the following section of this article carefully. 

Life without A Document Generation Application

People who use Salesforce often misunderstand the complexity of such an application. More often than not, they presume that the document generation application will be as complicated as the Salesforce. The truth cannot be further from that. 

Most document generation applications are very easy to use. Once installed, they will enhance the efficacy of the day to day activity with ease. They will give those activities a much simpler form and help you to make your work more seamless than ever. 

Without the help of a document generation application, making different custom documents through Salesforce can be overwhelmingly difficult. More often than not, the users create custom documents like proposals and quotes in the outside environment of the Salesforce. 

That means you have to use a traditional template of MS Office to create the documents and then turn it into PDF. As the content is custom made, the users have to spend more time than that is necessary to make the required edits. 

How a Salesforce Document Generation App Can Change Your Life?There is no doubt that the whole process will take a significant amount of time. Not only that, once you are done with the documents, you also have to upload it to the Salesforce to finally send the document to the customers for their perusal. 

The whole process is complicated, time-consuming and frustrating for the people who have to do the same process over and over.   

Using the templates provided by the Salesforce to create such documents is a slightly better option for creating custom documents. These templates allow users to create documents with the help of the very basic templates. However, that does not mean, these templates give you the power over the formatting or the controlling logic. You have to follow through the formatting of the template and make sure that the document you have generated looks interesting and readable to your clients. 

For example, suppose the template comes with a discount column and being the salesperson, you don’t have any discounts to offer. In this case, the column will not disappear in the final document. It will simply state that a zero percent discount is given to the client. If you send the document to your customers, then they will be wondering why they aren’t offered any discounts, and whether you are offering them to your other clients. 

A smart Salesforce document generation app solves the above and many such pain points of the regular users. 

The Benefits of Using Document Generation App

  • Speed: The document generation application will put a stop to the manual mistakes and wasted time that you spend to copy and paste the information from the Salesforce to your existing forms, emails and other necessary documents. 
  • Empowering End Users: It offers document generation controls so that the users who works independently of the dedicated IT resources. 
  • Security: The daily users might not consider this factor as important. However, a native solution like the S-Docs can be approved by the IT resources for its safety features.


How to convince the reporting director or the IT director about the benefits of the Salesforce document generation app, is one of the most common questions people ask. 

The simple answer to that question is that instead of talking about your problems with your directors, present them with a solution. The leaders like it the most when their followers bring them a proper solution. Focus on the benefits of the application. Instead of going to the director and telling them your problem, you would be able to explain to them how the application can be beneficial for you as well as the company. 

You can explain to them the benefits of the buy-over-build approach. Concentrate over the time required and the stunted workflow to make the directors see your approach to the solution. Read through the reviews of different applications and talk to other users about their experiences to find out the solution that can help your work. Prepare well and then go to talk to your boss. 

Taking the time to find out the best Salesforce document generation app will not only help you to move the supply management process faster but also convince the management to adopt the app. Install a smart app into your Salesforce wheelhouse and see how your life gets changed.