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Home Improvement Tech You Need In 2020

Technology has set about changing the way we live our lives in the 20th century, but with some brand-new home tech, it can also be used to help you save money in the long term. In this article, we will be looking into the home improvement tech that you need in your home for 2020. 

Smart Thermostat 

Google Nest Thermostats are one of the best home devices that you can opt for in 2020. Not only is the display clear enough for you to see an accurate reading, but smart thermostats can also be controlled by an app or home devices to ensure that your home is the perfect temperature. This can be used to save money in the long term as you are then only heating the house when you need it to be heated, actively helping to reduce your monthly bills. 

Arlo Ultra Security System 

In addition to a smart thermostat, there is also the option of at-home smart security systems. Whether this is a nest at home security option or an Arlo ultra-security system, though this is by far the best gadget to improve your home, this could be one of the more expensive options. If you find yourself stretched for money when undergoing your home improvements, it may be beneficial to look into doorstep loans today. These can provide you with the funds that you need with the lender coming to your house directly. They will not only ensure that you are eligible for such a loan type, but they will come to your house to sign paperwork and pay you directly. This is ideal for those that are looking for funds quickly as this will ensure that you have the funds almost immediately. This will enable you to get yourself out of financial difficulty without struggling to make ends meet at the end of the month.

The August Smart Lock 

The August Smart Lock is a simple solution for those that are notorious for leaving the front door unlocked, or even forgetting their keys. With a push of a button on your smartphone or smartwatch, you can unlock the front and back doors of your home without fumbling for your keys. If you are looking to completely modernise your home, there is also the option of Geofencing. This allows your front door to recognise that you are home and automatically unlock. This is ideal for those living in built-up areas as your smart home can recognise you and only you, making it easier than ever to do everything you need to do at home. In addition to this, the front door lock can be fitted with ease and controlled by Alexa devices, allowing you to keep children and animals safe, even when you are busy in another part of the home. 

The Ring Video Doorbell 

If you are looking for a way to see who is at the door without checking the security cameras, you can do no better than the Ring doorbell. This handy little piece of technology acts exactly like a door view allowing you to see who is at the door without leaving the comfort of the sofa. Simply download the app, connect your ring system and it takes care of the rest. With sound as well as knock detection and motion detection and two-way talk and HD video, this is the new security measure for your home that we are sure you will love. In addition to the door view cam, there are also a number of other ring cameras that provide you with the technology you want for your home at a more than affordable price. Whether it is a door cam, indoor camera, floodlight cameras or a solar-powered alternative, Ring and their array of different products provide you with the home improvement technology that you need. 

Smart Light Bulbs 

The final smart home improvement gadget that is worth spending your money on is the Philips Hue smart light lightbulb. With a number of settings controllable from the mobile app as well as a number of different types of bulbs on the starter kit, this is a new way to light your home with a state-of-the-art design. Not only are they energy saving, but you can also control them with your voice to make the perfect lighting for any situation. In addition, each starter kit comes with a smart bridge, this is the brains of your new lighting system and ensures that every light works together. In addition to this, the hub remembers all automated sequences to ensure your lighting is never on when you are not home. 

Whether you are looking to make home improvements such as installation and new furnishings, or you are looking to make the new gadgets for your home, we are sure you will find one from this list. Which will you be choosing?