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Holiday Gifts?

With the Holidays just around the corner, with all the options out there as gifts, what is a parent to do?

Well luckily you stumbled across this suggestion list, because here and now I am going to show you what are the most solicited gifts kids and teens this 2018!

Here we will see, together, 5 of the best gadgets you can hand to your kids.

Every parent wants to give their best to their children, and believe me I know, and as a parent, I also know that today’s youth is techy-crazy and internet-crazy!

So that’s why I thought that the first gadget to show here would be the MSRMUS Wifi Range Extender. Though it might seem like a useless item this little device will bring happiness to your home, it’s supposedly guaranteed no dead wifi zones! So hey that’s a big yes on my book! Seeing as kids these days are completely dependant on the internet.

Next, on the list, I bring to you the Nintendo switch! Everyone knows that kids love video games, whether they’re older kids or younger kids, all of them love video games, and mostly playing online! The Nintendo Switch is a portable version of the Wii, you can connect it to your T.V and bam! Almost a Wii.

Going forward, the Apple iPad, all the kids love apple products (And not just kids). An iPad is an ideal gift that can serve its purpose as a school utensil too! Here’s a link so you can read a little more about why iPads are good for the school. (

Coming in fourth place I bring you, Alexa. Everyone online, on social media and practically everywhere, is talking about the innovative Alexa. A home is not a home without Alexa (apparently), but it a great gift for the techie kids who like to listen to music.

Last but not least, I can tell you that the best gift to hand on to your kid is really any latest smartphone, the most solicited phones are easily the iPhone’s or Samsung droids. But there are tons of really good and inexpensive phones out there, that really, will do the same service any iPhone or Samsung phone will do. Just make sure it has the latest updates. That is all there really needs to have, and a good camera.

Now that we took a look at the top five best gifts of this year, I want to talk about something worth mentioning also. With all these new techs coming about, and all of them coming together and everyone using them in their homes, mostly, it’s safe to say that we need to expand our internet connections. I will leave a link here down below so you can check out one of the fastest wifi providers out there so when you get your kids new tech, your internet won’t lag, in my own experience, these guys are the best internet providers.

Alright now that I got all of that out of my chest; I will now say that we all like new things, but that you know your kid better than anyone else, we can safely assume you will choose the best gift for your kids. Happy holidays and a happy new year! Cheers!

If you would like more ideas on gadgets or gifts you can check out this other list, i’ll leave a link here, (