Harry Potter and the Final Movie Ever

There hasn’t been a book series that has captured the imaginations of children quite like the Harry Potter series, nor has any film series captured audiences though out its entirety. Upon opening intheUS,boxofficeshaverecorded The Deathly Hallows Part Two made 92.1 million on the first night. I will warn you that spoilers this way come… so watch out!

The second part of Harry Potter’s final film is arguably the best film of the series. We find our heroes have finally overcome the tension, paranoia and desperateness of Part 1 and have decided that they have to conquer Lord Voldemort so the world doesn’t end. It certainly was a magical change of pace from the bickering and overall ferocity that plaguedthetrio during Part 1. And as soon as you could say Hogwarts: A History, Harry and friends were busting into Gringotts, dueling wizards and riding a sweet-ass white dragon 2012 only to be dropped into a lake.

The action is pretty much non-stop in Part 2. If Part 1 was about deep character development, Part2 focused mainly on plot development as Harry and friends continue the search for the horcruxes and ingenious ways to destroy them.

We even get to see a more mature(andless awkward) Neville Longbottom. Neville is a character that you can’t help but love, not because he is talented, intelligent or nice to look at, but because he’s often so pathetic. Part 2 pulls a 180 and shows Neville’s more virtuous traits, including courage and determination. He also pulls off some sweet moves on the death eaters and company that makes you wonder if Voldemort chose his enemy wisely (Please refer to the books if you’re a bit lost).One of the other scenes that had Harry Potheads everywhere excited for the thrilling conclusion of the series was the long awaited kiss between Ron and Hermione. Though we enjoyed watching these two flub it up on numerous occasions, enough was enough and in a torrential downpour resulting from a slain horcrux, it just seemed like the best time for a “no-duh; kiss the girl” moment.Lastly, please turn around now if you haven’t read or seen the series, near the end of the movie, Harry makes the Christ –like decision to die for his friends. Though the idea is a bit cheesy, it worked well. The only problem I have with it is that there was no way that Voldemort would spare any lives even after he killed Potter… but I digress. I personally like the way JK wrote it with Harry’s resurrection (though I still don’t completely get it) and his final duel with Voldemort in his panicky state of “What the,” “How the,” “Where the.” (I kid). The final battle was definitely awesome.

And on a minor note (a much minor note) the epilogue ending was good, but I really wish they had made the cast look a little older than they did. It was supposed to be 19 year later! All that rabble rousing must have made them immortal or something… That would be my final gripe.

I urge everyone who hasn’t picked up a book since Huckleberry Finn to either read these books or at least see the movies. They are awesome and full of action, love and friendship… (sniff). That and you’ll finally understand such pop culture references as “Expelliarmus!”