Hardcore Cloud Stats [INFOGRAPHIC]

What is the cloud?

The cloud: We’re all aware of its importance to the future of the IT space. We’ve all been hearing about it for years. We’ve heard, “The Cloud is coming.” We’ve heard: “The Cloud is here.”

We’ve heard, “The Cloud is going to change the way we work,” and we’ve heard, “The Cloud is going to be a greener alternative than that old server we used to keep in the utility closet.”

We all understand that the Cloud stores or backs up our data and software “offsite”, lightening the load on our personal software. But do we really understand, at a deep level, what the Cloud really IS?

? I think most knowledge workers are still in the dark about the nature of Cloud infrastructure, and the hardcore statistics that show us how the cloud is affecting us in our daily lives–both at work and at home.

To get a grip, check out all the stats in our infographic below:

Demystifying the Data Center Cloud’ width=