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[Guide] How to Make a Website?

make a website

Having one functional website for your personal or professional use is like a piece of cake nowadays, in this world of Web 2,0, which can rather be called as popular phase of Web. Unlike old days, when people had to spend many time for building one website and publishing it on World Wide Web directory, it is matter of just a few hours for creating your own websites or blogs with ease. On top of all, there is no condition that one should have high-end coding skills for building a website, as we can build your own websites using your own basic internet language and other tools in web browsing. However, for utter newbies, there is a small problem regarding how you understand the various parts of building and publicizing your website. Here, we would like to give you an introduction to major aspects of building your website or blog. We hope that these basics would newbies, who would like to have their own place in this huge platform of internet.

Get a Domain Name

Just as if you are recognized in one society, domain name is something that let people understand your website from the extremely large list of websites. So, if you want to lead your website to success, you should be very careful while choosing domain name for your upcoming blog or website. In both cases, you have to include the name of your blog or company in the domain name so that it will be easier for users to find out your site. In addition, if you are trying to create a successful blog, you should also try to include necessary keywords in the domain name in order to get more traffic and ranking from search engines. Various domain registrars are there for buying domains such as GoDaddy as well as BigRock, which sometimes let you buy domain names for a damn low price.

get a domain name

Grab a Good Web Host

Web Host is the company, which provides you necessary server space and other features for storing your web files safely and in an easy retrievable manner. Hence, the importance of grabbing a good web-hosting provider is big than you expect because the wrong choice could lead to the total destruction of your site. You should check different info such as the uptime, server performance, and usage limits etc before purchasing the server. Some pronounced web-hosting providers are HostGator and Bluehost. Just like you did in domain name, you can use coupons for purchasing web hosting as well.

Building Your Site

As you might be aware about, there are different methods for building your site, which do have their own problems as well as advantages. For instance, you can go for the HTML-based site coding if you are having enough knowledge about the language and supported technologies. However, if you are not a coder yet, you should check some CMSs or site-builders. The case of CMS is also not a big problem though the installation may confuse a bit for utter newbies. And, yes! Once you have done all things in the mentioned order, it would take not more than hours to build your own website.

After creating your site, you cannot rest but should relentless striving for marketing it and optimizing it for visitors as well as search engines, which is a tedious task indeed.