Google Nexus Devices To Improve Smart-Phone User Experience – Know How

Many of you are wondering if Google will ever come up with its own Nexus phone anytime soon. Some members of the top management have agreed that it’s an exciting idea to get hold of Google’s own Nexus device. The company doesn’t seem to develop onejust to ward off its closest competitors like Apple. The fact remains that the majority of smart-phone users aren’t Nexus buyers, which allows android to remain the leading smartphone platform.

Google is likely to lead all smartphone makers and shape the future of this industry. For the time, the company is designing few Nexus devices that won’t provide the stock android experience to users.

The Google management has planned to go with handsets developed by the OEMs for quite some time. The company’s CEO has shared this fact when inquired about their role in upgrading Nexus hardware. The company is likely to draw more of expert opinions on the latest Nexus designs as its investing more effort in shaping Nexus devices.

Has the Chrome OS been merged with Android

Nothing much has been revealed on the features of the latest NexusOS devices, but the final Android Nougat version is set to be introduced in summer. This could even be the point of launching the new Nexus devices.

News on Nexus devices running an android version that’s supposed to remain unaltered has already been appreciated by a large section of Nexus users. It’s even more interesting for them to know that they’re likely to receive all major android updates ahead of other android users.

New software innovation opportunities have urged Google to add several options on all latest Nexus and android devices. At the same time, the decision makers are still silent about features that they’re eager to put on top of android instead of placing them in stock android like before.

Has the Chrome OS been merged with Android 1

Has the Chrome OS been merged with Android?

Google has plans to incorporate android apps in products running the Chrome OS. This will give all Chromebook users the opportunity to download android apps through the Google Play Store and install them on their laptop. It’s certainly going to yield a great feeling when you’ll be able to fly Angry Birds on the Chromebook. It’s certainly a great cause of delight for those who’ve been waiting to use certain apps on their Chromebook, which they have only been using in their smart devices.

However, the industry experts have shared their views on how running Andromeda is actually miles apart from accessing android apps on your Chromebook. In reality, it’s a huge initiative from Google that merges the features of Chrome into android and not the other way round. It’s high time you gain this app-vantage on your Chromebook.

Does this mean the death of Android

Does this mean the death of Android?

Well, this doesn’t mean a death for Android. Google is set provide laptop users with a smooth Andromeda experience. This is by all means Google’s move to keep competitors like Apple and Microsoft at bay. No Chromebook Pixel has been released yet in 2016. It gives you a hint that there’s every possibility of Google opting for Andromeda instead of Chromebook. A fresh set of Pixel phones running Android 7.1 are likely to rule the market.