Getting the most of your website


These days everyone has a website. Whether it’s for fun or for business, it’s quiet common to have a little space to call your own on the internet.

With this much competition, it’s safe to say only the best websites stand out and, as such, you should always be on the look out to improve your website performance and generally make it more efficient.

Likewise, testing is another option to guarantee and regulate these results as time goes on.


Websites need to be efficient – regardless of how well they might be presented, a website that cannot perform well will not sustain an audience for long. Think about load times. If the site under performs and takes minutes to load, this can lose a vast potential audience.

In today’s world, we expect near-instant download speeds and a single website should be able to comply with this. If not, it risks being left behind.

Security is also another area to consider in this regard – how efficient is your safety? Does it respond to breaches in time and how well can it handle a mess stress attack or direct denial of service? These are all questions worth asking if you do not want to run the risk of finding out the hard way in the future.


Of course, the only way to know if your website is performing in these key areas is to test for them. Or to put it more specifically, to use testing services that check this for you.

The only results that really matter are those that replicate the exact circumstances you’re interested in and this is where website performance testing from the NCC Group can come into its own.

Put simply, these various methods, such as performance, stress and penetration testing, all conduct the actual process you would encounter in the real world but in a safe manner. This then relays the exact results to you, which can be diagnosed and assessed to identify all the key improvements you should be making.

This then suggests a constant cycle of testing and improvement. As each change is made, you should want to know it works as well as wanting to keep ahead of new threats.

Getting into this habit will do great things for your website, not least of all ensuring it stays ahead of the curve.