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GetResponse vs Unbounce – A Detailed Landing Page Builder Comparison

GetResponse email creator

The marketing strategies of this new millennium are eclipsing our forefather’s newsletters, newspaper ads and even broadcast commercials. The prevalence of smartphones, tablets and the all-powerful WiFi connections have reordered marketing strategies. Websites are readily available to be hosted by businesses and consumers alike. We no longer are thrilled with the ticker that numerates visitors to a site. Now we need to identify WHO is visiting the site, WHY they are visiting the site and HOW we can get them to come back and spend their time and/or money on US.

Supply and Demand

This new demand for marketing analysis has yielded the nouveau marketing strategies. Email campaigns have become a viable method for consumers that have landed on a “landing site.” Emails can address a specific population, product or service. The landing site is now a jumping off point.

Unsurprisingly there are now a plethora of landing page building services. These services offer varying degrees of design features, analysis and cost. Two service providers have risen in diversity and competition. From the independent entrepreneur to the large corporation a landing page building service decision must be carefully contemplated.

To Get a Response Consider “GetResponse”

GetResponse offers currently critical technology to build and maintain a clientele. A few of their most directly useful features are: over 100 landing page templates, A/B testing of the landing pages, social media integration, auto responders in the email platform, compatibility across mobile devices and the newly added features of webinars with YouTube functionality.

Email For All – Intents and purposes

The email creator function embedded in the GetResponse services features extensive templates and editing options. The use of drag and drop creates a comfortable user-friendly experience. Photos, fonts, colors and social sharing buttons provide ease in both creating and receiving the responsive emails.

GetResponse email creator

The inbox preview function provides the emailer with the confidence to promote their business in a creatively professional medium.

The “Email Intelligence” of GetResponse is vital to the success of the landing page and email campaign. Detailed data, including color-coordinated graphs, provides comparisons of follow-ups, measures site conversions and monitors hourly fluctuations.

Stay Aware with Webinars

The newly included Webinar features creates a link within consumer emails to scheduled webinars. The recording option allows up to 2 hours of the webinar to be recorded and integrated into YouTube. Consumers can interact in live webinars that utilize chat, whiteboards and the ability to upload documents or utilize screen sharing.

Getresponse webinars

Consider a Competitor – “Unbounce”

UnBounce can stick the landing for landing page needs.

UnBounce offers over 80 templates with the option of creating a completely custom landing page. The drag and drop feature allows the user to create landing pages without assistance from IT. The number of landing pages that can be created are limitless.

unbounce landing pages

Test for Action and Better Use

The A/B testing feature incorporates the ability to define and change the criteria that are being analyzed. The unlimited number of landing pages can lead to trial runs and multiple adaptations to meet marketing needs.

100% is Peak Performance

The customizable and mobile-friendly landing pages are supported by a speedy server. The marketer can be assured the compatibility formats and ease of access will not hinder the consumer.

To Respond or To Bounce

UnBounce has similar features to those of GetResponse; however they are not as extensive nor are they as competitively priced. The landing page is essential to promoting and growing a business and both UnBounce and GetResponse have direct access to customizable pages with powerful analytical tools.

The impressively current social media, webinar and YouTube features of GetResponse put the business owner’s vision and product development at the eager WiFi fingertips of the consumer. Location, location, location becomes the web real estate marketer’s dream.

GetResponse outshines UnBounce’s A/B testing with visual aesthetics and information pertinent to the marketer’s needs.

The Numbers Don’t Lie

The 100+ design templates of GetResponse distinguish from UnBounce’s mere 80+ that GetResponse will get the desired response from a unique landing page. The email campaign trail of GetResponse will reinforce the amount of target response reached. And of course, there is always the bottom line. Cost. GetResponse’s rates start at $15 dollars per month. Unfortunately, the cheapest subscription plan with UnBounce is $49 per month.

Landing pages are essential. The choice of service providers is critical. The final decision is obvious. GetResponse will benefit the market base of any company exponentially.