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GetResponse Vs MailChimp – Which One Has Better Features?

Starting and running a successful business can be a challenging task. You should stay focussed and be creative to make your product/service stand out from the competition.

Apart from creating a reliable product or service for your customers, what could be the best thing that you do for them? There may be many reasons, but my answer would be “Email Campaigns”.

Yes, are you focussing to build your email list as your major priority?

List building is the excellent marketing strategy to get higher user engagement and to improve your brand awareness.

However, building an email list with the clients who are willing to receive your product or service related updates or notifications would let you succeed in your goals.

Let me ask some final questions!

How will you send private newsletters for your customers? Do you know that you’ve the option to personalize your business email?

You can answer me with a single word “Email Marketing”

Email marketing is the best way to target your audience and create a good relationship with them. Besides, you don’t need to worry about the email deliverability and personalization. Through this way of business marketing, you can provide more information to your subscribers and convert them into potential buyers.

So, now you’ve realized the importance of list building and email marketing. Isn’t it?

Now, you might ask, how to choose the best email marketing service!

There are plenty of email marketing service providers in the market.  I’m going to compare the two giant email marketing software so that you could choose the suitable one for your business.

Best Features of GetResponse & MailChimp

Before checking the comparison of GetResponse and MailChimp, just take a quick overview of their best features.

Let’s begin with GetResponse!



GetResponse is an amazing email marketing solution that offers a one-month free trial for the users. Its exciting features are

  • All the email templates of GetResponse are responsive and thus your email newsletter will look great on all devices.
  • You have flexible options to create the professional & personalized template for your newsletter and landing page as well.
  • You can check out the autoresponder on the free trial that has an exceptional feature “List Segmentation” to watch the behavior of your audience.
  • For beginners, GetResponse has hundreds of tutorials to simplify the process of newsletter sending and list building strategies.
  • You’ll get to take advantage of 99% email deliverability rate of GetResponse.
  • You can get dedicated live chat support 24 X 7 and smartphone app to manage your email marketing campaign.


MailChimp is a good email marketing platform for beginners that offers an unlimited free plan with limited features. Have a look at its salient features!

  • The drag & drop editor of MailChimp is simple so that you can edit the subscription forms well.
  • It has admirable third-party integration tools & personalization features.
  • With the advanced analytics of MailChimp, you may find the success metrics of your delivered newsletters.
  • You will benefit from the email segmentation feature of MailChimp to target your customers.

GetResponse Vs MailChimp

Let’s compare some key features of GetResponse and MailChimp.


1. Professional look

Both email marketing platforms have sleek templates to give a professional look for your newsletters, but you can create unique email designs with ultimate drag & drop editor of GetResponse to give a specialized look for your newsletter.


Winner – GetResponse

2. Responsive Emails

Responsiveness has become a major factor for online content! GetResponse has incorporated an excellent mobile responsive technology and thus the designed emails adopt the best-looking way on mobile devices.

Winner – GetResponse

3. Third-party integration

If you’re looking for an email marketing service that supports massive integration with web services, MailChimp is the best option. Yes, it incorporates better with a range of third-party tools and services.


Winner – MailChimp

4. Ease of Use

GetResponse is relatively easy to use and have flexible templates. You will get full feature access through its user-friendly interface to design a variety of form types than MailChimp.

Winner – GetResponse

5. Auto Responder

The autoresponders of GetResponse boast exceptional features like list segmentation and split testing with which you could set the behavioural goals of your customers.


Winner – GetResponse

6. Free Trial

You can send 12,000 emails to 2000 subscribers for free in MailChimp. But, you’ll get a free trial of only 30 days in GetResponse.

Winner – MailChimp

7. Email delivery

The rate of success in delivering the email to your subscribers by GetResponse is considerably greater than MailChimp.

GetResponse – 99% deliverability rate

MailChimp – 96 – 98% deliverability rate

Winner – GetResponse

8. Pricing

GetResponse charges a monthly fee of $15 to send mail for 1000 contacts; however, you have to pay $10 per month for 500 contacts in MailChimp.


Winner – GetResponse


Email Marketing has some measurable benefits as you can reach the mailbox of your audience to market your product/service. On the other hand, choosing the best email marketing service provider that has marvellous features would stimulate the interest of your audience to engage with your business updates.

From the above comparison, it is clear that the both email marketing systems hold good features. But, if specifically look into the significant features like professional design, email deliverability rate, affordability, ease of use and autoresponder, GetResponse comes out on top.

I’ve done my best in comparing the features of GetResponse and MailChimp, let me know your valuable views in the comment section.