Get Response: An Email Marketing Wizard!

Touting itself as one offering the world’s easiest email marketing opportunities with over 350,000 customers across 182 countries;GetResponse deserved to be analyzed and experimented with. Let us take you through a few particulars of its offerings and how they stand out in the market.

Revolutionary email designs

We were impressed with GetResponse’s email templates and a host of editing options at the user’s disposal for the drafts. There’s the added flexibility of creating one’s own HTML templates, importing them and tweaking along. Its responsive functionality of adjusting the email template based on the user’s device (smartphone or a desktop) is well thought of in this era of increased smartphone usage for reading and responding to emails. With over 500+ templates and 1000+ stock photos to choose from, GetResponse is certainly ahead of its competitors in terms of offering a multitude of email drafting options for its customers.125

Apart from the above, the smart “Time Travel” attribute in its functionality, that guarantees the scheduled newsletter delivery to recipients residing anywhere in the world at the same local time is well appreciated.

Stealing the show: Autoresponders

In a world ubiquitous with ever-piling mounds of Big Data that are mostly left efficiently untapped; targeted and 1-to-1 communication has become highly relevant and important. GetResponse has added a genius to its portfolio of functionalities with the help of Autoresponders – e-newsletters sent to subscribers as and when you want them (as a Welcome message, wishing the customer on his/her birthday, utilizing his/her searches and offering promotional discounts especially customized to her and communicating it in a timely manner). Thus, these emails achieve more customization and GetResponse’s feature sets, namely: time-based and action-based messages further the responsiveness that can even make a difference between a purchase or no-purchase when it comes to one’s customers.126

Get analytically smart!

Again, in the crowded internet marketplace, reaching customers is difficult and tools like SEO have to be utilized for the same. GetResponse understands that and offers SEO tools to reach the targeted audience. Also, one can dynamically test their web designs’ performance by analyzing the number of subscribers vis-à-vis customers reached through its A/B testing feature.

Also, one can further smarten one’s mail delivery options by tracking when the subscribers ‘act’ over emails and thereafter recursively time future e-mails accordingly. One can also segment the subscribers based on ‘active’ and ‘inactive’ and send a different version of e-newsletters to the latter to get them on board overtime.127

It is brilliant to see how much GetResponse has really thought about analytics given landing pages can be tracked and optimized by using integrations for services like Google Analytics, Kissmetrics, AdWords etc.

Host Webinars, yes!

GetResponse claims to be the first email service to provide a complete webinar marketing solution. The purpose of the same is to enhance conversion and engagement rates as webinars help in generating successful leads; coupling them with emails has served to be a stroke of genius. The following are ways to leverage this functionality:

  • Schedule webinar as and when with flexible scheduling options
  • Turn subscribers into repeat customers through creative webinar invitation templates
  • Get creative with easy and fun webinar tools like polls, screen sharing, white boards etc.
  • Assign webinar subscribers to a GetResponse campaign and set up action/time-based autoresponders at no additional cost
  • View the stats of attendees and accordingly optimize future webinars


GetResponse really stands out in the market as one of the most cost-effective ways of helping one reach out to customers effectively through its flexible designing tools, analytical functionalities and tracking options.hotel-reviews

We believe that its Autoresponders feature is just brilliant in nature and can be leveraged by its customers to a very large extent. One can try out all these features for free for 30 days without the requirement of entering credit card details. The era of conventional email marketing might be over but services like GetResponse have upped the ante and made one reconsider the utility and smarter, quicker and easier ways of reaching one’s customers through e-newsletters.