Gadgets that have Revolutionised the World

gadgets revolutionising

Technology has become the cornerstone of the world and for the truly obsessed, there are a number of gadgets that have been life changing. Technology is an area that constantly evolves with new additions, modifications, updates and improvements that create a frantic desire to have the latest in high tech gadgets. As soon as a consumer has purchased the most recent must have item, there is a new product released that promises to make life simpler and easier and to complete everyday tasks in a far more effective way. Technology has become such an important part of life that a pre-technology age is merely a distant memory as we become increasingly reliant on every day items.

1. The USB


The USB or memory stick, as it is also known, has been a lifesaver for those that depend on important computer files and documents. The memory of a computer is able to store the necessary files yet the USB offers another form of data storage and works as the perfect back up should anything go wrong with the computer. USB makers can produce a memory stick to come in any shape, design and storage capability to make yours instantly recognisable so you never lose your valuable files.

2. The iPhone


Apple took the idea of a smartphone one step further and created a miniature computer that allows the user to complete a high number of functions. From standard mobile phone capabilities to Internet browsing and game play, it really has it all.

3. The Digital Camera

Photography enables memories to be captured and the digital camera means images are able to be stored in a number of ways, either on computers or in printed format of the highest quality; digital cameras also allow for the manipulation of images.

4. The Sat Nav

Satellite Navigation has made the navigating of roads and areas far simpler than the traditional map. Not only do they provide a route from one location to another, but they consider things such as road works and speed restrictions to improve driving and allow drivers to reach a destination far quicker.

5. The Game Boy


The hand held console was the starting point for the changes in the gaming industry and the way in which people fulfilled their entertainment needs. It brought to life the idea of being able to enjoy things at any time and in any situation.

6. The Hair Straightener

The creation of the straightener has changed the way we look and is something that few people can live without. It may not be one of the most important gadgets but it has shaped appearances and been the heart of fashionable looks.

7. The Laptop


The idea of having everything portable led to the creation of the laptop. It allows for the same functions as a computer but its size and versatility means it can be easily transported and used at any time, in any situation.

8. The Mobile Phone

This is one of the most important items of technology produced, it has changed the way we stay in contact with the world around us and is one item of technology that constantly evolves and adapts to meet the demands of the consumer.

9. The Pager

the pager

One of the original gadgets, the pager was popular in the 80’s and paved the way for the creation of the mobile phone. It was one of the best ways to stay in touch whilst away from the home or the office and was also highly fashionable.

10.The iPod

The digital format of music has been embraced through the iPod and has revolutionised not only the way people enjoy music but when, as the iPod is easily transportable and discreet to be used when on the go.