Five Great Android Games Worth Checking Out

android games

If you’re considering purchasing a new smartphone there are a number of good reasons to opt for one of the available EE mobile phone deals. So whether you go for a Samsung Galaxy S4 or a HTC One XL you’ll find you are granted access to a whole world of apps and games that might ensure there’s never a dull moment again.

1. Angry Birds Friends

If there’s only one downloadable game that you’re aware of then there’s a fair chance it’ll be Angry Birds. The game has proved so popular it has now gained a number of spin offs, including one with a Star Wars theme. However, we reckon this version is worth giving a go, particularly if you’re the competitive sort. It allows you to take on your Facebook friends, with the goal being to top the leader board at the end of each week. There’s also the chance to give and receive gifts and compete for prizes each day.

2. Bejeweled Blitz

This popular puzzler claims to be the world’s favourite and it’s hard to see beyond it. Each game lasts 60 seconds and the goal is simple – match up three or more gems in a row to score points and set off explosions. If you’re on Facebook then this game also offers the chance to challenge your pals by aiming for the highest score.

3. Temple Run 2

The sequel to one of the most popular mobile phone games of all time had plenty to live up to, but it’s fair to say it’s managed it. The concept is simple enough, you control the direction of a running man as he moves across treacherous terrain, tackling obstacles including zip lines and cliffs as he goes. If you’ve played the first instalment you’ll notice that the graphics have been improved and a range of extra features such as power ups have been added.

4. CSR Racing

If you’re a petrolhead this game is a must have. It features a whole host of real cars from the likes of Ford, BMW, Dodge, Chevrolet and McLaren and offers you the chance to drag race in them along empty city streets. You can even make upgrades to ensure you stay ahead of the competition.

5. iBomber

Take yourself on a journey back to 1943 and control the fortunes of a young bomber pilot as he seeks out enemies. There are 26 missions in all and satisfying visuals as you blow things up. There’s a whole range of weapons too, so why not give it a try?