Far Cry New Dawn Review

Far Cry New Dawn

Far Cry New Dawn is basically Ubisoft’s adventure in a world full of nuclear Armageddon, and pink paint. It takes nearly two decades prior to the incidents of Far Cry 5. It has a basic affair of Far Cry, including the ordinary mixture of characters who have villainous nature along with good action.

About The Game

Being the continuation of Far Cry 5, you don’t play as a leader from the last game of Fan Cry 5. It is a first person shooter game, an open world, taking place in the Hope County, which is an imaginary place. The thing that makes it different, is that it shows seventeen years following the incident that showed a bomb dropped at the end of0 Far Cry 5. In this game, you are the character, who is nameless, and who is without a voice as well. The character in the game has no backstory too. Grab great discounted rates to buy latest games online with amazing Snapdeal Promo Codes for gaming series.

It allows you to customize hair, skin, and dress. The character in the game is the security head for Thomas Rush, who is an ex military man who goes around the US, and helps the communities to build again the societies after the destruction on large scale. After responding a call from Hope County, you tend to find that Thomas Rush has been kidnapped by a bandit group called Highwaymen. After that, you are introduced to the villains of the game, known as Lou and Mickey, who are basically twins. The thing that both are suffering from is the development of the characters and odd villain bonds along with level posturing that the Far Cry games have been struggling in the past.

The closing scenes of the game makes it a bit interesting. But on the other hand they experience a lot of screen time in a short crusade. The presence of the twins is barely felt outside of the games closing and opening sections. The users find these two villain characters dull and uninteresting as compared to other past games.

The combat of the game is solid, and the gunplay is smooth, pleasant and responsive. The game contains a vast number of rifles, pistols, sniper riles, and shotguns. It also has grenades and Molotov cocktails. There is a little diversification between Far Cry New Dawn’s many guns, and in Far Cry 5.

The New Dawn’s arsenal of Far Cry is pedestrian. The user might find himself scavenging for resources like ethanol to powder vehicles and outposts. The resources are available in ample quantity, so there is no threat of survival. The starting operation base corresponds an entirely furnished lodge rather than headquarters. The health and strength increases as you move further from the operations. There are several missions that make you steal rare gear from different localities across US, like an amusement park, Alcatraz, etc. These missions are known as Expeditions. These are skillfully designed, are clever and neat additions, making the game fresh.

As we all know that the story has been rich in mine-field of suspicion, and contemplation, with a complete and better ending that the last part, that is Far Cry 5 left dangled with its nuclear twist. The impetuous and wild pallet of colors and post-apocalyptic twist increases the extra flair. You can also search for latest gadgets available suitable for best gaming series at great pricing by choosing to apply Tata Cliq Coupon Codes Online.

It has a solid, and strong combat along with well built expeditions.


The thing that the gamers and users of this game didn’t like is that, it has forgettable villains. They are not convinced by post apocalyptic setting of the game as well. It gives questionable changes to progression, which is also one of the things that didn’t interest the user. Collecting is good, but only to a certain point of time.


Overall, Far Cry New Dawn is an amazing offshoot. As the users didn’t find abundant content in Far Cry 5, Far Cry New Dawn’s outposts and expeditions grant some replay value. It is suitable for those gamers who are looking forward for some open bite-size adventure of the world or who are already the fans of the last part that is Far Cry 5 of Fan Cry as a whole. It is a must try game, and is one of the famous and most enjoyable titles after its launch.