Facebook Statuses: What’s Acceptable and What’s Not?

Oh the joys of social networks. Facebook is the most used network and millions of people update their status every single day. Facebook statuses are usually a hit or miss. I think there should be a publishedbookaboutwhattypeofstatuses are allowed and what types aren’t. But until that book becomes available, I will provide you with a temporary list of do’s and don’ts of Facebook statuses. Please follow this because if not, you will be annoying a whole lot of people.


Inspirational quotes: “Shoot for the moon, even….” Yeah, you lost me there. No one wants to hear some lame quote that you didn’t even make up. Maybe it did somethingforyou but for everyone else it is just a random quote that kind of doesn’t make sense.

What you’re doing: This is probably the worst type of Facebook status of all time. “Just going to the store!” Thank you so much for telling us! If you hadn’t we would’ve been worried about where you went. Now that we know exactly where you are and what you’re doing, we can tell the police exactly where you are in case you get kidnapped.

Status aimed to someone: These are the most obnoxious statuses. You basically throwaninsult at someone but you don’t use their name. Here is an example I found 5 minutes ago: “If you say you want to meet at 10, don’t be there at 10:20. And please leave your attitude and bad personality at home. I waited 20 minutes for you to show up, the least you could do is be personable.” We are all on the edge of our seats now wondering who was late! So much anticipation and conflict. You’re killing us.Acceptable:Funny quotes: Post a quote that will actually humor us for the 30 seconds that we spend reading your status. For example, post something funny that Conan O’Brien said. Everyone loves him. “Michael Jackson was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. It caused quite a controversy, because his nose isn’t eligible for another fifteen years.” Funny.

Good news updates: This is acceptable as long as you do it with moderation. If you have a new baby, post a picture! We would all love to see your first child. However, don’t post 20 pictures a day for the next 3 years. Your friends follow you on Facebook because they want to know what’s going on in your life. As long as the good news is actually newsworthy, post away.

Funny videos: I love a funny video every once in awhile. Plus, that’s how videos go viral right? You share them with your friends. As long as the video is actually funny, feel free to share it with everyone. And make sure it’s not a video that everyone has already seen, like the YouTube sensation, “Charlie Bit Me”. K, thanks.