Everything You Need to Know About Apple Music in India

Are you having a thought like “Should I sell iPhone?”, only because there are no support for Apple’s services and features in India. Then back off from your plans of selling your iPhone, as Apple has brought their biggest service ever, the Apple Music to India. Yes! Still you think to sell iPhone , well I don’t think so


After Apple bought Beats Music last year, we all were waiting for Apple to launch their own music service. However, before it launched, none of us thought that the service would come to India. And yeah, finally Apple has made up their mind to release their services in India as well.

Even though Apple Music will be supported on Windows, Mac and even Android, to get its full potential and all its set of features, its better if you own an Apple iPhone, iPad or even the latest gen Apple iPod.

Well, are you interested to subscribe to Apple’s Music service? Then today we are here with a few details you should know before subscribing to Apple’s latest music streaming service.


1. How Much Does Subscribing to Apple Music cost?

One of the basic questions that anyone who is interested in subscribing to Apple’s Music service will have, is how much is it going to cost. Well, we all know Apple products and services are not cheap, however Apple Music comes at a rather feasible subscription cost.

Single user subscription of the Apple Music service will cost you RS. 120. However, if you are interesting in the Family Sharing feature of the Apple Music service, where up to 6 people can access Apple Music and all its features with a single subscription, then it its going to cost you RS. 190. This may seem a lot according to us.

However, when compared to the US, where the single subscription costs around RS. 640 and family plan costs about RS. 1000, we are surely getting some consideration. Even you can integrate it with your Apple Watch which is much better than Android wear watches

2. Free Trial Period:

If you are not sure enough whether you should head first and pay for the subscription of the Apple Music service, or if you are using some other music streaming service currently, then Apple does offer a trial period for their music streaming service.

From the time you first register for Apple Music, you will get a trial license for 3 months and will also get access to all the features and functionality provided by Apple Music. And within this period, you can make up your mind on whether to actually subscribe for this service or not.

Final Words:

From the lenient pricing to the free trial period, it is pretty obvious that Apple does take the Indian market seriously and wants to lure in as much customers possible for their Apple Music service. Therefore, it is quite advised to take up the 3 month trial of the Apple Music service. As it comes from Apple, I’m pretty sure you will enjoy the service. After all Apple is very famous for the quality of their products and services that they put out for the consumers.